Secrets That Your Car Mechanic Will Always Keep from You

28 Jan 2014

Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
Many of these 'tips' are bullshit. Plus, if you are stupid enough to take your car in for BASIC repairs, I sincerely doubt you will know what to look for when you 'inspect' the tires that they want to install on your car.

gigantes 6 year s ago
really? what are some of the ones that are bogus?
Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
I have no desire to go through each statement and analyze them. Learn to do your own repairs or take your car to a dealership. They are more familiar with the brand/model and are less likely to rip you off. Not that they won't, but are less likely IN GENERAL. They will cost more though.

gigantes 6 year s ago
i didn't ask for some godamn super-analysis. just a couple clues would be interesting.

but, yea... i always try to repair things myself. just that i got rid of my car sometime back and was merely asking out of curiosity.
Mr. Ree 6 year s ago
Ok, fuel injectors do have to be cleaned and coolant does have a lifespan. A crooked shop might tell they do when they don't, but eventually they do.

gigantes 6 year s ago
cool, TY... did not know that stuff.
Johny 6 year s ago
While injectors can be cleaned, it's not actually necessary as you're probably better off replacing them anyway when they start to fail, or when declining engine performance is evident (fuel consumption-wise, etc.). These things can last super long so a failure can be a good indication for installing new ones. Not unless you're using cheap fuel with some strange impurities, duh.

Additives are bullshit.

And yes, it's obvious that coolants may have to be flushed/replinished at some point, not unless you are one lazy son of a bitch who doesn't care about proper maintenance.

Somebody give Ree a cookie.
dang8521 6 year s ago
I want everyone to pay attention.....I gave ree a thumbs up!!!!
JISR 6 year s ago
That´s weird Dang8521......makes me chicken skin
Gorfian 6 year s ago
I used to take my Ford Explorer to a Ford garage for servicing as it was a condition of the extended warranty. It used to go in every nine months or so. I went offroad in mud just once. When it was out of warranty, I got my mate to service the car and he did all the routine stuff, one of which was changing the oil filter which should be done every service. He showed it to me, laughing that I'd got it clagged up with so much mud.

I pointed out that it had been serviced by Ford five times since the car went through any mud, so basically they had just taken my money and given the car back without doing any work.

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