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So This Is What Happened Next… (36 pics + 8 gifs)

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A bus cut me off while I was driving home from work today. Then this happened.

So my buddy posted a sign outside his restaurant at lunch and by dinner, this happened…

This happened. True story.

So this happened in high school’s weather broadcast.

Local diner for some flapjacks and THIS happened…

Some guy parked like this at local park, ten minutes later, this happened.

My friend was leaning back for a while against the wall and this happened when he sat up

I wonder when this happened in the extended universe

I blame the advertisement for what happened to this bus shelter.

So, this happened while packing…

So this just happened in Chicago

He fell asleep… so this happened

This happened to the plane mid-flight.

This happened

A friend ordered two snapbacks with a custom image. This happened

Tried to make music with a wine glass. This happened.

So this happened...

So... This happened in one of my lectures.

So this just happened...way to freak a girl out, Facebook

This is what happens when your dunk walking downstairs

So this happened at my sister's swim meet

So I decided to point a laser at the wall, and this happened

Was monitoring the floor when this happened

So I was watching the late night show and this happened (gif)

Local bar Friday night….

So this just happened in Champions League

Wedding on the weekend, and this happened

So this just happened to Dale Earnhardt, Jr.

It happened. We can all rest peacefully now

Pretend nothing happened.

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