Mr. Ree 7 year s ago
Somebody better check their stats.

Detroit has to be in there somewhere...

Unknown 7 year s ago
Alex302 7 year s ago
And Ukraine
AnnaMolly 7 year s ago
10 out of these places (if my count is right) are in the US alone. The richest country in the world... This is sick.
nurflugel 7 year s ago
Poverty amidst plenty is indeed tragic. Yet one should bear in mind some of the homeless are optionally so, or mentally disturbed individuals who no longer can be forcibly restrained and medicated (to their own benefit).
nurflugel 7 year s ago
Total BS and an outright lie.
Fact: India, popln 1.3 billion: a land which famously cannot get its sh*t together to even stop out-breeding its water & food resources nor the simplest aspect of nation-building: a single national language and alphabet, still using the same British rail lines with less than 1000 new km of track laid in 45 years: with the 7 filthiest cities in the world (Minister Jairam Ramesh) magically house 23 million people- more than the housed population of Bombay (mumbai)?

Explain how exactly they magically manage to fund and construct housing, without an engineering capability, mechanical and industrial technological level, efficiency and lack of corruption equal to or better than the capabilities of first world nations like Germany or Japan possibly house a population equal to or greater than: 1 Australia, Benelux, or all Scandinavia combined?
And in less time than the Hoover dam, which required the same amount of raw products estimated for such a huge project: particularly steel and concrete priced at market highs during 2003-2007 due to Chinese demand?

And without any impact on steel and concrete market prices which would have had global repercussions/news?

And where exactly was media attention on this miraculous housing scheme- which would have certainly attracted US business attention?

How exactly does Jakarta, Mexico City, New York, LA and Manilla- all with a total population less than the 23 million Indian homeless- manage to defeat statistical possibility and by some sleight of hand, outscore Mumbai in homelessness?

How does a first world city such as New York with huge numbers of charities, and homeless accodation the working class of Mumbai would envy, possibly, within the bounds of reality of this universe, and not a parallel one, manage to outscore the infamous dung-hole, Mumbai?

A basic mathematic examination also proves this as bull-dust: 300,000 homeless Manilans are less than 1.3% of Bombay's 23 x10^6 (not including the other cities of inhuman suffering in India- Calcutta, Madras, etc), 60,000 New Yorkers 0.2% of Bombay's- how the Fudge can they possibly, outscore Bombay- the figures provided by the article alone simply do not substantiate their own claims.

Also strange- no inclusion of any Chinese cities- yes CCP terrified it will lose face as "superpower" it cannot account for the 50-200 million internal migrants from rural areas to the 13 coastal cities- all living in deprivation- and surely are not housed well, if at all.
TangoSmoker 7 year s ago
MORON!!!! Ontario is a province, not a city. Who writes this shit?
Peanut 7 year s ago
An uneducated moron. That's who writes it.

No one in the province of Ontario should be homeless. Countless millions are spent on third world immigrants, including Hispanic trash from Mexico. They get free medical care, education for their hordes of brats, public housing, welfare, dental, etc., etc. And our own people are on the street. Disgusting!
darkraisin 7 year s ago
you don't like it, then change it. otherwise suck it up.
The Cities with the Highest Numbers of Homeless People