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Stranger Picks Up Drunk Party Goers for a Good Cause (9 pics + 1 video)

Posted in Random » Awesome   29 Jun 2014   / 3873 views

A man named Matthew Cordle was driving home drunk when he killed Vincent Canzani. In a shocking video that he created and posted online called “I killed a man”, he admits to the offense and was subsequently sentenced to six and a half years in prison. The guy who filmed the video used this as inspiration for his own good deed where he spent the night driving drunk people home.


He stood outside holding this sign.
“The first group I picked up was a bachelorette party. I let them play their own music. No joke, they played “Call Me Maybe” twice in a row and not on accident. They were very nice and kept trying to tip me. Of course no tips were accepted.”
“Bobbi, the girl in the passenger seat is sneaky though and left behind $38. This will be donated to Mothers Against Drunk Driving in Vince’s memory. “
“The next couple I picked up just became homeowners. Getting a DUI can be financially devastating. Good decision guys!”
“One guy I picked up claimed that he helped create the “We are the World” remake music video that benefited Haiti in 2010. I will give him the benefit of the doubt. He seemed sincere. He said that he got the opportunity to meet Justin Bieber. How unfortunate.”
“[He] also wanted to tip, but instead made the promise to donate $20 to Mothers Against Drunk Drivers. Legit.”
At the end of the night, he stopped by Taco Bell where the line was long… and probably full of drunk drivers.
“I drove people around for about 4 hours. No one puked in my car so I consider that a win.”
“Because I said I would” is a social movement and nonprofit dedicated to the betterment of humanity through promises made and kept.

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