Humans Showing Tenderness to Others in Violent Times (40 pics)

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Pvt. Dick L. Powell shares his meal with a puppy. [Korean War, c, 1951]

The community of Ferguson, Missouri, band together to protect stores from looting. [2014]

A medic bandages the injured foot of a child while his younger brother looks on. [World War II, 1944]

Christians protect Muslims as they pray during the Egyptian revolution. [Cairo, Egypt, 2011]

A Russian police officer carries a released baby from the school seized by heavily armed masked men and women in the town of Beslan. [2004]

An infantryman is comforted by his comrade. [Korean War, c. 1950 - 1953]

A Bosnian soldier cares for a baby he saved during the evacuation of Goražde. [1995]

A soviet soldier is given water by a Ukrainian woman after being captured. [1941]

An Afghan soldier carries a crying child away from the scene of a recent explosion. [Afghanistan War, c. 2001 - 2014]

A German soldier shares his rations with a Russian mother and her child. [World War II, c. 1941]

Egyptians embrace the army after they refuse orders to fire on civilians [Egyptian Revolution, 2011]

Journalist Raymond Walker rushes across a bridge into France with a child that he saved from the Spanish Civil War. [1936]

An East German soldier ignores orders to let no one pass and helps a boy, who was found on the opposite side from his family, cross the newly formed 'Berlin Wall'. [Cold War, 1961]

American soldiers of the 4th Armored Division push a trapped car carrying two seriously wounded German soldiers. [World War II, 26 January, 1945]

Joseph Dwyer carries an injured boy away from fire and to safety. [Iraq War, c. 2003 - 2011]

Petty Officer Ryan Lee and Valdo snuggle on a hospital floor after a lucky escape. [Afghanistan War, 2011]

Marine Sergeant Frank Praytor feeds a kitten after it’s mother was killed by mortar fire. [Korean War, 1953]

U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman Richard Barnett holds a child after she was separated from her family during a firefight. [Iraq War, 2003]

A French soldier helps a family fleeing from the Spanish Civil War. [c. 1938]

A Ukrainian soldier kisses his girlfriend through the gate of a base surrounded by pro-Russian militants [2014]

A Jordanian soldier warms the hands of a Syrian baby evacuated from the country. [Syrian Civil War, c. 2013]

A Tunisian girl hands a soldier a rose after the army refused to fire on protesters and declared that it would “defend the revolution.” [Tunisian Revolution, 2011]

A football match breaks out between British and German soldiers on the Western Front as they abandon their trenches. [World War I, 24 December, 1914]

A boy leads an old blind man through war-torn streets. [Korean War, c, 1951]

An American soldier holds the hand of a young Afghan girl. [Afghanistan War, 2010]

A soldier shares water and food with three children on Saipan. [c. July, 1944]

German soldiers play with a stray kitten. [World War II, c. 1943]

Three German soldiers help a Frenchman stuck in the muddy fields of Verdun. [World War I, c. 1916]

Protesters carry a wounded policeman to safety. [Turkey, 2013]

American troops treat a wounded dog. [World War II, 1944]

A soldier chats with a little girl. [2011]

Keshia Thomas, 18, protects a white supremacist from an angry mob. [1996]

A soldier makes friends with a puppy. [Iraq War, c. 2003 - 2011]

American soldiers take Dutch children to a dance. [World War II, c. 1944 - 1945]

A native of Papua New Guinea, who were nicknamed ‘Fuzzy Wuzzy Angels’ because of their hairstyle and kind nature, escorts a wounded Australian soldier out of the bush. [World War II, 1942]

A Soviet soldier shares his cigarettes with German prisoners. [World War II, July, 1943]

A brave priest organises a human shield between protesters and police. [Ukrainian Revolution, 2013]

Two American soldiers try to comfort an upset girl with a puppy. [World War II, 1944]

Officer Joselito Sevilla is comforted after being berated by a protester. [Manila, Philippines, 2013]

A soldier runs from the battlefield with two small Vietnamese children in his arms. [Vietnam War, c. 1955 - 1975]


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