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The Many Ways Babies Actually Resemble Little Drunk People (11 pics + 15 gifs)

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It’s almost impossible for them to take a “nice” picture:

So they always look like this:

They have no idea what’s going on around them:

And even the simplest task becomes a huge ordeal:

They always have a lot of trouble in the bathroom:

And they’re always tripping over invisible stuff:

They’ll fall asleep anytime, anywhere:


And they do strange things when they’re sleeping:

Sitting down is an Olympic sport for them:

But if they’re still standing, chances are they’re standing like this:

I mean, they’re always messing up the easiest activities, like putting on clothes:

And they seem to have trouble fixing even the simplest of problems, like trying to eat a cookie with floaties on:

They always get ridiculously excited over food:

They don’t deal well with surprises:

Not to mention they’re always hurting themselves

And getting in other people’s way:

They always need someone else to tell them what they’re doing is annoying:

And they always spend way too much time looking at themselves in the mirror:

They have terrible motor skills:

…Which always leads them to end up in situations they immediately regret:

And to them getting stuck in the strangest places

Or, you know, trapped:

When you try to talk to them they look a lot like this:

And their mood changes at the drop of a pin:

But, most importantly, they have the exact same reaction to pizza as drunk people:

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