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Online Picture Posts That Are Major Fails (26 pics)

Posted in NSFW   27 Jan 2015   / 20591 views

Oh yeah that's the door's "design" alright.

And now we know exactly how you got your hair that way.

Aww, they got the whole family together for this picture: Mom, Dad, the kids, Fido, and Fido's newly claimed tree.

What's wrong with Grandpa?

OH, it's a knee. Phew!

What good are kids if they can't be trusted to take your inappropriate profile pictures?

Timmy said he wanted to grow up to be a human cannonball...

So, I need to ask. Did you really have to pull down your pants to show me your arm?

It wouldn't be a day at the beach without a little...erm...sunburn?

Either she's coming out of the wrong bathroom, or this pageant just got a lot more interesting.

This one is practically a commercial for Windex.

The new "one piece suit", by Gucci.

Oh Robin Thicke... and you wonder why your wife won't take you back.

There are at least two people in this picture that look completely fed up with life. Can you spot them both?

"What a fine ass you've got there...erm...Glasses!  I meant to say what fine glasses you've got there."

Toilet Selfie Tip #1: Don't. Just don't.

Gettin' swole with Grandma.

Wall of hats? (check) Duck face? (check) Huge sex toy in the background? (check check check)

I didn't know they made "Diarrhea Relief" bottles that big...

Good Parenting Tip #47: If you shoot your new baby in black and white, no one will notice that dude smoking a bowl in the background.

The upshot is that they totally busted that guy.

I wear my sunglasses at night..."

"Little busy" with all those notifications, or your unfortunate vaginal discovery?

Count the sets of upward pointing "fingers" in this pic:

Paris Hilton's new sex tape was apparently a big hit among the kangaroos at the local zoo.

What a fabulous picture of a naked guy playing video games that someone ruined with their gross arm.

"It's the BABY'S FOOT, I swear!"

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