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Pranking Parents Are the Best (33 pics)

Posted in Picdumps » Funny   4 Feb 2015   / 11075 views

This dad who is always watching.

These parents preparing their child for the real world

These parents who know how to make a kid feel special

This mom who gave her kid something way better than money

The uncontested coolest mom ever

These parents who know the value of economic education

This dad who has been waiting to use this response for fifteen years

This generous father

This dad who isn't ashamed to admit he has a favorite

This dad who selflessly gave his life to save his daughter

These parents who *almost* kept up with the times by sending a Polaroid selfie

And these parents who beat their son at his own selfie game

This dad who took a crappy selfie

This dad who trusts no high school boy (but doesn't fear them either)

This dad who is waiting as long as possible to tell them the controllers aren't connected

This majestic beast

This mom who knows how to get stuff done around the house

This proud father of a superhero

The dad who believes in visual teaching

This parent who doesn't believe in "pretty please with a cherry on top"

This dad who kind of has a sick sense of humor

This parent who turns being grounded into a game

This dad who does Halloween right

This drama queen (king?)

This dad who has a competitive side

These dads who are going to feel the effects of this tomorrow morning

These parents who don't mess around on April Fool's Day

This dad who enjoys rubbing salt in wounds

This dad who's watching his life flash before his eyes

This dad who wasn't joking

Bonus: The sister who really knows how to make newcomers feel welcome

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