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Employees Who Are Definitely Trying Their Luck (34 pics + 6 gifs)

Posted in Forbidden   24 Feb 2015   / 9443 views

This restaurant employee who had a little Freudian Sip:

This McEmployee who probably just left the position of "Smiling Feces":

This writer (and his editor):

This architect who didn't take into account how the sun works:

This dividing-line painter who threw caution firmly to the wind:

This video-production employee who temporarily forgot how to Google:

This fast-food employee who lost the will to even try:

This cruel ramp-builder:

This fortune-cookie packager who was just so proud of their handiwork:

This sporting-goods employee who just thought "kayak" was "water bike" in another language:

Whoever is responsible for this madness:

This person who just wants to watch the world burn:

This employee who considers shoes "foot jewelry":

This Walmart employee who forgot what chainsaws were:

Thisguy Righthere:

This person who is just so damn tired of people forgetting to lift the seat:

This street painter who just couldn't get anything right:

This advertisement employee who probably just eats with their hands:

Hoever whrote this:

This bakery employee who medalled in laziness:

This Coke-packaging employee who has gone rogue for the other side:

This employee who "just thought those were cool new urinals for ladies":

This truck-driver who figured the damage had already been done:

This multi-tasking public safety officer:

This grocery-store employee who just learned the power of a single letter:

This package-handling employee whose last fuck went out on a previous shipment:

This warehouse worker whose forklift privileges have been revoked:

This guy who obviously lied on his resume about being "forklift certified":

And these guys, who had one job:

This waitress:

This liquor-store stock-worker:

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