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The Sex Myths That Have Tricked Gullible Girls At Least Once (7 pics + 10 gifs)

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Tampons can steal your virginity.

I know it seems cramped in there, but it's not THAT cramped.

The penis goes in the same place pee comes out.

That second hole is a sneaky little bugger.

You can't get pregnant if you do it in a hot tub.

The chlorine kills the sperm, obvs.

Green M&Ms make you horny.

And the yellow ones make your boobs get bigger. 

Sex = penis in a vagina, nothing else.

So much for teenage imaginations.

Sex only happens at night.

And only in a bed, under the covers.

And it literally lasts the ENTIRE night.

LOL! Yeah right...

Guys are the ones who buy the condoms.

And they ALWAYS carry them in their wallets, so just check that one off your list ladies.

Your first time will be amazing.

You'll both know exactly what to do, and afterwards you'll cuddle until dawn.

The guy pees inside the girl, and that's how you know it's over.

I mean, what else could possibly come out of a penis?

Your first time will be extremely painful.

Raise your hand if you honestly thought it was gonna feel like getting stabbed in the gut.

Everyone orgasms, every time.

And you'll both do it simultaneously.

The pill starts working the first day you take it.

Like when Picard says, "shields up" on the Enterprise. JUST like that.

Girls can't get pregnant during their period.

You'd think so, wouldn't you? But no. Mother Nature guarantees NOTHING.

You can't get pregnant the first time you have sex.

Seems like the first one SHOULD be a freebie, but alas.

Not agreeing to have sex gives a guy blue balls.

And he's gonna be in pain forEVER. Unless you, and ONLY YOU, do something about it.

Your parents only ever had sex with each other.

And only once for you and each of your siblings. Then they quit.

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