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Hidden Things You Will Be Surprised You’ve Never Noticed Before (44 pics + 1 gif)

Posted in Picdumps   1 May 2015   / 21400 views

These things will never look the same once you see the truth!


Wendy's collar spells out "mom."

Toblerone's logo has a bear climbing the mountain.

Tom Cruise has off-center teeth.

This emoji is part sloth.

This sweet, old granny get ready to go out.

The Starbucks mermaid is topless and spread eagle.

Just try and not see this as conga line of butt dragging now: &&&&&&

These Facebook heads look like butt plugs...

...and when you connect them it all makes sense.

Australia is made up of a dog and cat head.

If only there were actually giant Kit-Kats.

Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora are the Wayans brothers in White Chicks.

Anteater's front legs are panda bears.

And the speeder in the upcoming Star Wars is a flying fudgsicle.

52 on a digital clock looks like ET's head.

So does CBS.

Water fountains come with great wi-fi.

The colonel has a giant head and tiny body.

This children's museum has a building with nipple clamps.

The USB symbol is really a little walking man.

What is hidden inside bodybuilders.

Cat paws are really tiny teddy bears.

Now you will get emotional every time you throw something out.

Just try to look at a duck bill without seeing the dog again.

The MLB logo is actually a bird with arms.

This octopus.

This Tumblr revelation.

This realistion from Jimmy Fallon.

This forehead wrinkle and Jabba the Hutt.

And this one.

How terrifying the Teletubbies look in black and white.

What this outfit looks like.

This legitimate reason why sex isn’t cool in 2015.

Kevin from The Office looks like a seal.

How much David Cameron looks like a train.



The Pokemon trees look like angry men flexing.

Selena Gomez has children trapped in her knees.


America turned sideways looks like a duck.

This banana that is the next Doctor.

This trap.

And finally, this fundamental truth.

This proof dinosaurs existed.

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