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Nifty Cleaning Gimmicks and Gadgets That Will Make the Lazy People Happy (26 pics + 1 gifs)

Posted in Lifestyle » Gadgets   23 May 2015   / 6128 views

This trash can helps you reuse plastic grocery bags.It also keeps your grocery bags organized, aka not in a pile underneath your kitchen sink.

A cleaning solution dispenser you don't have to touch.
This microfiber hopping ball vacuums for you.
This scrubber is made especially for silverware.

Use these if you think your baby might be predisposed to OCD.

Robotic window cleaner for the lazy.

This slime will pick up all the dirt in your keyboard. 
This phone case cleans your camera lens every time you use it. 

A gadget to clean your glasses from both sides at the same time.

This microfiber tie gives you easy access to cleaning your screens. 
This wand supposedly kills germs.
This custom mouthguard thing brushes your teeth in one minute flat. 
This portable bidet wand is a must...?
For only $102, your butt will be cleaner than ever before. 
This doormat absorbs dirt and mud.
Get this if you have messy kids or pets.
This toilet bowl brush holder cleans the brush. 

A brush to remove silk from corn.

These crazy sponges amazingly don't need soap.
This toothbrush is also a toothpaste tube.

Never leave the couch with this remote-controlled mop.
It's like playing a video game, but it's REAL LIFE.

This magnetic spot scrubber is necessary for hard-to-reach spots.
These pads prevent build-up on gas stoves.
This blanket is also a microfiber cloth.
Get this soap dispenser and sponge combo for when you wash your dog. 
This tiny robot cleans off your gadgets.
This dust pan comes with a broom comb.

You also never have to touch this trash can!

It even has a vacuum at the bottom to suck up any debris.

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