Car Hacks That Will Make Your Travelling a Breeze (12 pics + 1 gif)

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Use that built-in weatherproof toolbox as a cooler for the coming summer.
Old sticker on your windshield? You can use a newspaper page and warm water pressed against the sticker. The water from the newspaper will be absorbed by the sticker and release the glue in about 10 minutes. 
Use non-stick spray on your door’s weatherstripping to keep it from freezing.
Spraying cooking oil can also prevent the accumulation of bugs on your bumper.
You can prevent fog on your car windows for up to 3 weeks by coating them with shaving cream and then wiping the foam away.
Have to park outside but hate cleaning up after birds? Place a toy snake nearby to ward them off.
If your engine starts to overheat, continuing to drive for just two minutes can completely ruin your engine.
I’m not telling you to speed up, but the 55 mph national speed limit was created to address the energy crisis in the early 1970’s – not safety.
An open container of kitty litter can not only absorb weird smells, but also stop your windows from fogging up overnight.
If you haven’t tried brightening up your headlights yet with toothpaste, its a cheap way to drive safer.
If you travel with hand sanitizer, the alcohol in it quickly loosens up frozen keyholes and door handles.

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LOLMASTER5000 5 year s ago
#1 Promoting alcohol + motoring? SOUNDS LIKE A FUCKING GREAT IDEA.
#2 For better results, heat that fucker with a hair dryer for several seconds, which will flow the adhesive and soften the vinyl/backer which stops it breaking when pulled. Finish with Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA, AKA rubbing alcohol).
#3 Or any commercially available silicon spray which will not actually attack the rubber.
#4 As will waxing your car, along with many other benefits of doing so.
#5 "Inflating your tires will increase gas milage"<sic> is fucking negligent advice. Tires should be correctly inflated for the vehicle and tyre type, manufacturer recommendations and driving conditions - I would recommend removal of this 'hack', to prevent people being morons.
#6 Or, investigate why you have excessive moisture in your car - failed weather seal? Compromised heater matrix? A/C issue? Not caring to find the root cause of an automotive problem is gambling with your own, and your family's, safety.
#7 That's just stupid.
#8 Good 'hack' I guess? Don't, um do that? Also 2 minutes sounds like it came plucked from someone's ass. There are hundreds of factors to consider.
#9 How is this a hack?
#10 see #6
#11 Happens due to solarizing of the plasticisers in the material. This is, at best a very sort term solution. The only real fix is replace the lenses (if possible), otherwise the whole unit.
#12 Again cannot recommend as it is not easily predicted how the product will interact with the lock mechanism, or any electromechanical components inside modern central locking-equipped vehicles.
#13 Idiot.



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