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Sex Related Things You Should Know About (15 pics)

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In two weeks, one man makes enough sperm to impregnate ever woman on the planet
Wearing socks increases the chances for an orgasm, a study proved
You get more sexy dreams if you sleep on your belly
Sex burns more calories for man than it does for women
One of the known aphrodisiacs is the scent of pumpkin
Half of all Internet purchases are sex-related
1% of women can orgasm from breast stimulation
Professor Beverly Whipple was the woman who coined the term G-Spot. It was almost called "The Whipple Tickle."
Noses engorge during sex. It's because of the increased blood flow
50% of men feel their penis is of inadequate size, while 85% of women are satisfied with their partner's penis size
Most women experience color changes in their lady bits during pregnancy, but for some women, that color change is permanent
Sperm can survive within a woman's body for anywhere from 5-9 days after intercourse
Wyoming, Alaska, Vermont, West Virginia and Oregon are the kinkiest states in terms BDSM searches, according to PornHub
Both men and women often have difficulty peeing after sex, and while folks often think this is due to the swelling of the genitals that occurs during intercourse, it's actually due to an anti-diuretic chemical the body releases during sex.
The clitoris is twice as sensitive as the penis. The clitoris contains a whopping 8,000 nerve fibers, while the penis only contains a measly 4,000

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