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A Bit of Butt Trivia That Will Amuse You Today (9 pics + 3 gifs)

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Mooning people has been around since the Roman Empire, it is believed to have originated as a form of insult in the first century. 
Pygophilia is the scientific name for sexual arousal caused by butts, and is derived from the ancient Greek word for the posterior of an animal an ‘philia,’ one of the ancient Greek words for love.
To be ‘callipygian’ is to have a well-shaped butt. On the other end of the attraction spectrum, to be ‘dasypygal’ is to have a hairy butt.
Your butt is the largest muscle in your body, one reason for this being that it works really hard to keep your torso up all day long.
The butt has been the symbol of fertility and beauty throughout human history. Evidence is found in statues with exaggeratedly large behinds as far back as 24,000 BCE. 
Women tend to prefer to be the spankee rather than the spanker. Stats from the British Sexual Fantasy Research Project show that 13% of women fantasize about being spanked by a sexual partner while 7% fantasizing about doing the spanking. The same numbers show that 18% of men fantasize about spanking and 11% fantasize about getting spanked themselves.
According to a study from the University of Texas at Austin, men are more attracted to the spinal curvature of a woman’s butt than its actual size. 
Your butt contains what’s left of the human tail, which is your coccyx. It’s the remnant of a vestigial tail in humans and other apes. 
Butts are women’s preferred body part for compliments, according to a survey in Men’s Health and Women’s Health. They were chosen by 1/3 of respondents’ favorite, coming in higher than eyes and breasts.
Big butts produce smart kids. The fat deposits in a mother’s butt, hips and thighs store the Omega 3 fatty acids that contribute to babies’ brain development. 
Big butts also lead to longer lives. Carrying excess weight in your butt and thighs instead of your gut correlates to lower chances of diabetes and heart disease. 
Normal butts expel gas between 13-21 times a day. So let it rip.

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