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Big Breasted Ladies Will Understand These Everyday Problems (2 pics + 7 gifs)

Posted in NSFW   25 Jul 2015   / 15253 views

Finding a bikini that fits is impossible.
You can't even look in the direction of a tube top bikini, forget it. 
Family vacations couldn't be more awkward.
There's nothing more weird than having your tits out in your family's face because you can't swim with a turtleneck sweater on. 
Pregnancy is horrifying
The thought of having your boobs grow even more due to pregnancy is something that haunts your dreams.
Your boobs get stuck in your armpit when you lay down.
Getting your boobs trapped in your armpit when you're trying to relax is the most annoying thing on the planet. Happens. Every. Time. 
Clutching your chest as you pick up speed is a normal thing. You don't notice what you're doing at all - but the person next to you definitely does. 
Wearing just one sports bra is a joke.
As if working out wasn't already uncomfortable enough. You can never get the support you need with one lousy sports bra. Wearing two or three is standard.
You subtract several pounds from the scale when weighing yourself.
Hey, it's only fair. You can't control your boob weight, so why add it to your actual weight? It undoubtedly doesn't count. 
Forget wearing anything backless.
Um, the sexy back look is unreasonable. How are you supposed to wear a bra? YOU NEED THE BRA!
You look too sexual in normal clothing.
Every item of regular clothing you own makes you feel inappropriate. 

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