The Touching True Story of the Twins Who Compete as an Ironman Team (32 pics)

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These twins were born three months prematurely and one of them did not get enough oxygen during the birth meaning that he know suffers from cerebral palsy and is wheelchair bound. However, he has not let this stand in his way and the brothers are pursuing their dream of completing a full Ironman race together.


Apart from strengthening their own brotherhood, the twins say that they hope to help break down some of the prejudices that exist about handicapped people and their ability to participate in sports.

The twins have had to have special equipment made – for instance this harness so Steen can pull his brother after him in an inflatable kayak during the 3.86 km swim.

Team Tvilling Danish for Team Twin is the name the brothers use when they enter a race.

A full Ironman race consists of first a 3,86 km swim, a 180,25 km bicycle ride and lastly a full marathon run of 42,2 km – with no breaks.

The brothers previously sought to complete a half Ironan, but had to give up 20 km into the bicycle part because the bike was breaking apart. This picture shows them waiting to get picked up by their older brother.

Steen has this tattoo on his left leg. It is a reminder to never give up. He has previously trained to enter two Ironman races only to have to give up due to injuries.

This picture shows Peder at a summercamp for kids with cerebral palsy where he and his brother spoke about not being limited by one’s disability.

The twins first completion of a half Ironman. Their time was 7h22min.

In order to get from the water to the bike Steen has to carry Peder.

Due to the cold, Peder has to put a lot of focus into lying completely still and not let his shaking turn into cramps this photo is also from the half Ironman race.

The twin’s mother, Else, is cheering them on!

Steen has to push Peder in his carriage up a really steep, slippery hill at a run. Most other runners chose to simply walk up this part.

The twins have a lot of fans who faithfully cheer them on. In fact they have pretty much become the darlings of whole Denmark.

Their mother Else helps out with changing into warm, dry clothers after the race.

Steen picks up his brother for training. The time in the car is spent talking about everything and anything.

The brothers often go eat dinner at their mother’s place after training.

Yesterday morning 24th of August, 2014 Team Tvilling set out to complete the 2014 Ironman Copenhagen race.

Another Ironman contestant comes over to wish Peder good luck.

This picture was taken after 45 minutes of swimming.

After 1h30min the Team Tvilling reaches dry land and Steen carries Peder to their bicycle.

This shows the beginning of the first of the two 90 km bicycle parts.

The route took them through the lovely Danish countryside.

Lots of people had shown up to cheer and show their support.

Team Tvilling was in danger of failing to reach the cut off time on the bicycle part of the race. The rain and wind was a major obstacle, but they make it just in time!

Due to the fact that Copenhagen is a rather small city, the marathon was four laps of the same route.

Steen is getting very tired. Here he has 1 12 lap left of the marathon.

The last lap was run after it had gotten dark. They have to reach the finish line before 23.00 to officially recognized as having completed an Ironman.

At 22.47.38 Team Tvilling reaches the finish line and officially becomes Ironmen! Their final time is 15h 47min 38sec.

They are both very tired but very happy.

True Ironmen


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