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Childhood Things That Only Poor Kids Will Relate to (29 pics)

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You had no idea who Lizzie McGuire was.

Summer was the worst.

Turning lemons into lemonade.

Dollar menus and 29-cent hamburger Tuesdays.

Lunch line awkwardness.

Cafeteria lunches were bomb and you knew it!

Because this is what you had for breakfast, every damn day.

Usually served in one of these.

Hamburger buns were an unnecessary expense.

Absolutely unnecessary.

You never threw away soap bottles until they’d been watered down a few times.

Technically you didn’t have a pool.

Your parents got creative so you’d have enjoyable outdoor activities.

Don’t EVEN THINK about losing that library book.

Always getting more bread right before you left the restaurant.

Or napkins and condiment packets.

Because ketchup often made for convenient afternoon snacks.

Your plastic cup collection was on point.

And what went in those cups? Thirst Rockers ~juice~.

Hand-me-downs for days.

Wait, didn’t everybody wear their pants two days in a row?

Brand names? As if.

Friends from families with money just didn’t get it.

Going to the movies meant going to the dollar theater.

Going to the dollar store was better than going to the movies anyway.

Overpaying was never an option.

You dreamed about being rich when you grew up.

But in reality, the frugal habits your parents instilled in you live on today.

And you can laugh about your upbringing because you recognize that you parents did the best they could with what they had.

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