Strong Historical Woman Figures That You Wouldn’t Have Wanted to Get on the Wrong Side of (11 pics)

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The Trung sisters (Trung Trac ad Trung Nhi) were the original heroines of the first Vietnamese independence movement. They headed a rebellion against Chinese Han-dynasty overloads. Also, briefly established an autonomous state!
Thriving to avenge her fathers death, Li Xu gathered civilians and personally led them in the battle against rebels in the Ningzhou province of China. The rebels gave up after 7 years and now a city stands on the name of this woman of honor!
Tamar of Georgia “Queen of Kings and Queens, Glory of the World, Kingdom and Faith, Champion of the Messiah, may God Increase her victories.” - Inscription on 13th-century Georgian coins After her fathers death, she became the king (not queen) and successfully ruled over Georgia crushing any patriarch opinion coming her way! A lot of people plotted coups against her but she fucked their shit up.
Tomoe Gozen, a 12th century warrior woman who slashed her way to samurai stardom, leaving severed heads and several manga series in her wake. She was known as an excellent archer and horseback rider, and was frequently sent to the front lines to make use of her gifts.
An inspiration for lady boxers, Elizabeth Stokes made a career out of boxing in the 1720's after famously winning over Hannah Highfield after a 22 minute fight!
Also known are Madame LeBrun, Loiuse was a prominent French painter. This self portrait of hers became scandalous because her teeth were visible! She managed to flee during French Revolution to Russia but continued painting portraits of nobles.
When Napoleon invaded Spain, Juana Galan refused to sit down and watch the show go on. She rallied and gathered all the women together, ambushing the French army. They even fought hand to hand with clubs, batons, iron cookware etc which subsequently led Napoleons troops to withdraw from the La Mancha region at least.
Lydia Darragh: Lydia was one of the finest secret agents America could have ever asked for. During the American Revolution, British decided to reside in Lydia's house. This gave her an opportunity to eavesdrop at them without their notice. She passed on all the secret information to American soldiers, thereby saving her nation from invasion.
Josephine Baker: This lady was a famous fashionista back in the 1900's. During World War II, she used her fame to lure the Nazi Officials and very conveniently turned over all the information to French Resistance.
The Night Witches: These Russian fighter pilots were responsible for inflicting heavy damage on the German soil. Not only that, they also flew dangerous planes that were known for shutting down midair. They had a penchant for idling their crafts above enemy territory to drop bombs, and over the course of their involvement, they completed hundreds of missions.
The freshest form of female badassery, Parisa Tabriz is a "white hat" hacker who works for Google, detecting weakness in their security and protecting million users from having their data stolen. She leads a team of 33. Her business card lists her job as "Security Princess" Yeah, a badass princess she is.





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