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Bro Codes That Every Man Needs to Uphold (14 pics)

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Player 1 belongs to whoever owns the console.
When offered a beer, accept even if it's not "your brand". Your favorite brand of beer is "free". Your second favorite is "cold".
If bro with truck assists you with moving, you shall reciprocate with a full tank of gas.
Be polite around your bro's lady friend, but when he asks what you think, lay the truth on him like a ten ton slab.
Whoever got laid most recently has to play wingman.
If you and your bro are having a threesome with a girl, you can't look eachother in the eyes.
One guy watching porn is cool. Three guys watching porn is cool. Two guys watching porn, not cool.
When hugging another guy, a minimum of 2 back slaps must be performed.
Never feel bad about taking the last beer or the last slice of pizza, however, don't take both.
If you need to talk to your boy's girlfriend through text or IM it's like having a chat with a business parter. Short, preferably one-word answers. Careful punctuation. Conversation is strictly business and to the point.
You never leave a 'wounded soldier'.
Don't f**k another bro's sister without the bros permission.
If your boy is crying, you cry with him. Nobody cries alone.
When a stripper opens beer with her butt cheeks, don't refuse it saying it's dirty. Other men will lose respect for you.

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