Useful Tricks That All Dog Owners Should be Aware of (26 pics)

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Don’t bother with expensive treat fillings – put a block of cheese or some peanut butter in a Kong and microwave it for a minute.
Most bad breath comes from the tongue. To cure it, put some dog toothpaste on a lint brush and then let your dog lick it up.
Or, add some parsley to their food for even fresher breath.
If your dog gets on the wrong end of a skunk, then you can create an amazing concoction to beat the stink. Mix a bottle of hydrogen peroxide, one quarter cup of baking soda, and two teaspoons of liquid soap to make a soap that will get rid of the smell.
During a lightning storm, the chances are that your dog is more afraid of the static build up in their coat than the noise. Brush them down with dryer sheets to get rid of the static and comfort them.
Make an ice lick this summer by freezing toys, carrots, apples, bones and chicken broth into a cake mold or ice cube tray.
Is your puppy pooping too much or not at all? Chicken and rice will settle a stomach while canned pumpkin aids with constipation.
A shower caddy can be used to store your dog supplies.
To remove ticks, apply liquid soap to a cotton ball and swab the tick for a few seconds.
Baking soda paste can help with bee stings.
Know what types of food to avoid. 
And how to read their body language.
Teething pups love to destroy cords – this can cost a fortune and is extremely dangerous. To help break the habit, use bitter apple spray onto a paper towel and then wipe your cords with it, dogs hate the taste.
You can easily remove pet hair from your carpet with a squeegee.
They also work great on car seats.
No pockets in your running shorts but have a dog? Here’s the best place for your keys.
You can also convert your dog into a mobile bottle opener.
Draw a chalk line around your pet’s food and water bowls if kept outside. Ants won’t cross a chalk line because it interferes with their ability to follow scent trails left by other ants.
If your dog eats too fast, put a ball in with the food. Your dog will be forced to move the ball around to get to the food, slowing them down.
You can make your own pill pockets by using peanut butter. Recipe HERE 
A carabiner makes it quick and easy to secure your dog with its leash when you’re in public.
Attach another collar to the handle of your leash so that you can free up both hands by putting it around your arm.
Old jeans can be fashioned into durable toys. 
Heat and cold can both damage a dog’s paws. Protect their paws from chapping and cracking in winter by applying some vaseline each time you go out. And during the summer try to walk them before 9 a.m. or after 8 p.m., when the ground is cooler.
Use a door protector to minimize scratching and/or damage. 
Make your own doggie hammock for safer and more comfortable car trips.


oldchrome 4 year s ago
#14 We have a Great Pyr and she sheds like crazy year-round. Gonna try the squeegee trick. If it works, the owner of this series can come by someday for free beer and BBQ!
Bongfuhrer 4 year s ago
Oh, this works. You can be sure of that :)
oldchrome 4 year s ago
Got the squeegee... it works damned good!
Bongfuhrer 4 year s ago
#19 I don't dare to try this. My dog would eat the ball aswell.. :D
thunderknight 4 year s ago
Though the liquid soap method of removing ticks does make them drop off, it also may stimulate them to release saliva which may contain harmful diseases that ticks are known to carry. They carry Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease which have occurred in many parts of the country. It isn't worth the risk to use the soap method even if you don't live in an area of high tick infestation.

The best method is still to use tweezers, grasp the tick close to the body and pull it straight out. Apply antiseptic and keep the tick in an enclosed jar with the date in case symptoms of a disease occur.
gigantes 4 year s ago
but doesn't the tweezers method create the danger of the head detaching and staying in the dog's flesh?



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