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This 9/11 Rescue Dog Gets the Best Sweet 16 Birthday Surprise Ever (17 pics + 1 video)

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Denise Corliss travelled with her dog, Bretagne (pronounced ‘Brittany’) from Texas to New York to assist with the search and rescue of innocent victims following the 911 terrorist attacks. Brittany has just turned 16 years old and the barkpost.com crew decided to treat her to the best birthday party any dog could ever want.


Bretagne (pronounced ‘Brittany’) was just 2 years old when she and her handler, Denise Corliss, traveled from Texas to NY to assist more than 300 other rescue dogs on a search and rescue mission in the rubble of Ground Zero.
Working 12 hours a day, Bretagne and Denise sometimes got as little as 4 hours of sleep as they searched tirelessly through the rubble.
When Bretagne was not searching, she served as a therapy dog for the many first responders and rescuers, who were overwhelmed by the magnitude of the disaster. 
Bretagne and Denise also assisted in the rescue efforts of Hurricane Katrina, Rita, and Ivan.
Officially retiring as a rescue dog 6 years ago, Bretagne now travels Texas elementary schools, helping students with special needs.
Hearing about Bretagnes upcoming 16th birthday, the awesome people over at barkpost.com decided to throw her the Sweet 16 she deserved.
They were flown out to NY where they were welcomed at 1 Hotel in one of their penthouse suites – complete with treats, toys, a doggy bed, and room service. 
Bretagne put down a gourmet doggy burger before taking a ride to the park in a vintage NY Taxi.
Old age can’t stop Bretagne from playing in the water.
After playing in the park, she was awarded the Bone to the park. 
She was welcomed back to the hotel to her sweet 16 birthday party.
With enough toys and treats to make any kid on Christmas jealous… 
“Humans, please open and place treats in my mouth.”
She was even rewarded with her own cobblestone located in the plaza of the 9/11 memorial.
I think we can all agree that Bretagne is a true doggy hero and that through any disaster, man’s best friend will always there by our side. 

Credits: barkpost.com


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Izi sure has some nice feel-gooders up today!

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