Hollywood Recruits Porn Stars to Play Provocative Roles in Film and TV (11 pics)

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Many directors are now using adult entertainers to act as body doubles for graphic sex scenes and it does seem like quite a fitting solution.


The man behind it all is Howard Levine who has become the go-to guy to fill mainstream roles with adult entertainment actors. He told LA Weekly “Working with adult performers is easier, for nudity aspects, because they have no inhibitions about getting naked in front of the camera.” The following actors and actresses you may recognize from TV and film, but did you know that they are porn stars?

Game of Thrones

Sibel Kekilli cast as ‘Shae’
Shae is probably the most well know character here, played by the one-and-only Sibel Kekilli. While most adult entertainers are cast in small roles, Sibel’s accent and acting ability skyrocketed her role as a prostitute, leading her character to form a relationship with Tyrion Lannister.
Masie Dee cast as ‘Prostitute’
Masie Dee, on the left in the picture above, was cast in Game of Thrones as a prostitute in a brothel owned by Lord Petyr Baelish. 
Samantha Bently cast as ‘Prostitute’
While Samantha Bently never played a named character in the series, she was casted three times throughout to play a prostitute for some racy scenes.
Ben Yates cast as ‘Brothel Customer’
Ben Yates is a producer of adult films in the U.K. and was casted to play an unnamed customer of a brothel in season five.

Sons of Anarchy

Jenna Jameson cast as ‘Porn Girl Doctor’
Jenna Jameson is one of the more widely known adult entertainment stars, and landed a role on ‘Sons of Anarchy’ as a guest star in season seven.
Puma Swede cast as ‘Skenkenstein’
The most notable thing about Puma Swede’s charchter is that highly “creative” name. Working alongside Jenna Jameson, the two’s characters starred in films created by the characters of the show.

Ray Donovan

Tori Black cast as ‘Lexi Steele’
In episode 2 of season 3, Tori Black plays the character of ‘Lexi Steele’ who is indeed a porn star in the show. How fitting.

Inherent Vice

Belladonna cast as ‘Clancy Charlock’
Belladonna has quite the infamous past in the adult entertainment industry, but turned to the big screen as a character in ‘Inherent Vice.’ She is actually friends with Joaquin Phoenix and he helped land her the role that included both dialogue and simulated sex.

The Canyons

James Deen cast as Christian
You probably haven’t heard of this movie, but it also stars Lindsay Lohan if that gives you any indication of how it is. Regardless, the role revolves highly around sex, so James Deen seemed like the perfect fit.

Nymphomaniac: Vol. 1

Elvira Friis cast as ‘Body Double’
While Elvira wasn’t technically casted as a character in the promiscuous film that stars Shia LeBeouf, she did play the role of a body double for both Stacy Martin and Charlotte Gainsbourg. While it may appear that these two actresses are performing simulated sex on screen, it is indeed Elvira. 


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