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A Few Scintillating Stats about Sex That May Surprise You (11 pics + 4 gifs)

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34% of American women and 38% of American men say they sleep in the nude with their partner. Based on the survey data, it’s suggested that sleeping naked significantly increases sexual closeness in the relationship.

According to a survey of adults aged 20-59, women have have an average of 4 sex partners and men have an average of 7.

When it comes to sex positions, 36% of females prefer missionary, while the majority of men (28%) prefer doggy style.

A study on female orgasms had women climax and then guess how long it had lasted. Their guesses were low with a shocking 53% on par with thinking a 26-second orgasm lasted only 12 seconds.

Greece is considered the most sexually active place on Earth, with a reported 164 sexual encounters per person per year. That’s 19 more than Brazil and 61 more than the global average.

From the same study, Japan is considered to be the most prude, with 48 times a year, which is less than once a week.
The world average is 103 times a year.
A study in 2012 confirmed that 10% of women have experienced a ‘coregasm,’ or an orgasm brought on by exercise.

61% of women find just the idea of buying a sex toy arousing in itself. Also, 66% of women would prefer to buy their toys from a real shop rather than online.

69% of American men claim to have never cheated, while 41% of American women have.

In any given year, the overall likelihood your partner will cheat on you is about 6%. Your odds improve the more religious you are, the older you are, and the more education you have.

A 2007 study determined that around 33% of fetishes are connected to a certain body part, like feet.

Current studies show that straight men who regularly watch porn are statistically more likely to accept gay marriage. Scientists think it’s because of the non-judgmental nature of internet porn, where you can watch literally anything.

30% of women who use online dating have sex on the first date. Of those women, 77% feel comfortable enough to not use protection with their dates.

57% of those in unhappy relationships are still extremely sexually attracted to their partner.

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Mortecouille 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
The survey in n°2 just says that male adults aged 20-59 have an average of 3 sex partner under aged less than 20 or more that 59, or that they lie.
As there is almost as much men that women on earth (almost), if we take a sample of 10 men and 10 women, even if all the men have sex with the same woman, the average of sex partner should be the same for both sex.
-- it seems i'm not the only spy --
jeskris 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#1 I can hereby confirm that this is NOT the case....