oldchrome 8 year s ago
Makes an excellent point but... two wrongs don't make a right. Never has and never will.
All the bickering doesn't achieve a single thing... except seeing both wrongs go on and on and on...

- Abortion is murder.
- Execution is murder. (Again, two wrongs don't make a right.)
Hopefully, someday we will, as a species, graduate from kindergarten.
gothamkittie 8 year s ago
If you think about it, we actually have "graduated from kindergarten".
If you compare third world countries where there is no freedom to choose and compare them to first world countries, where we have more liberal views, I think the answer is obvious.

In my honest opinion:
- I think some people try too hard to be "righteous"

- Those same people probably don't give a fuck about human life after it's born, ie, they do not donate time, money, or resources to those in need; They probably don't care where an unwanted child ends up in - could be foster care or families with abusive guardians. And they especially don't care if a baby is born with addictions.

- Some of those people will say "but we have kids" like that matters. People have been procreating since forever, and guess what? Terminating a pregnancy doesn't mean one can't have a child later on in life, that's the beauty of choice and the availability of safe and effective methods.

- It takes more courage to realize "I/we can't provide for a child at this time" and take appropriate measures if it's early enough rather than letting someone else's belief dicate the future.

This subject will always be debated, but what matters is that we find what works for us as a whole. So far, freedom to choose has worked so well, let's not fall back down to "kindergarten".
Haikiri 8 year s ago
#15 hard to tell when both game and camera are digitally filtered nowadays.
Funny Picdump