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Trans Teen Uses Daily Selfies to Document His Amazing Transformation (17 pics + 1 video)

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Jamie Raines was born a girl but never identified with the gender. Three years ago he decided to undergo testosterone hormone treatment and started taking daily selfies to show his slow transformation into a man. These are the time lapse photos of his dramatic change.


Here’s Jamie when he first received his testosterone gel 3 years ago at the age of 18

The changes to Raines' appearance were subtle at first.

But during the second year of his testosterone therapy, Jamie started to see more prominent changes in his face.

He noticed that his nose took on a different shape as well.

Then after two years of therapy, his facial hair started to come in.

"I was waiting for it once I first started getting a couple of chin hairs," Jamie said. "It was really exciting.

Three years of testosterone injections later, and Jamie's transformation is unbelievable.

This is him, wearing the same outfit, three years apart (18, and 21 years old.)

Raines went on to discuss how his girlfriend, Shaaba, and his family reacted to the transition.

"My whole family and my girlfriend [Shaaba] have just been really supportive and really excited for me because of the changes. I told my mum first and then she told my dad and brother and they've all just been really great with it. My mum thinks this was always how I was supposed to be. She doesn't feel like she's lost a daughter, because I'm the same person to her – I'm still her child, but now I'm just her son."

He also gave advice to other trans men who are considering undergoing testosterone therapy.

"That patience is your best friend with transitioning and it's good to surround yourself with a community or friends and family that will support you – either online or in real life. Ask questions of people who've already gone through it. It feels like it takes ages for things to start happening but then when it does start everything changes really quickly. Now people are surprised when I tell them I'm trans. I had a job interview recently and when I told them they thought I was going to transition from male to female!"

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