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Porn Films That Had Really Big Budgets (10 pics)

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Budget: $150,000

Conquest was one of the first high-budget porn films that paved the way for high-quality pornographic masterpieces. Follow Jenna Jameson through many adventures at sea in this pirate themed flick.

Flashpoint X

Budget: $220,000

Remember Backdraft? Well, this film is basically the pornographic version of that. Jenna Jameson puts out fires and ignites some new ones in this decently put together film.


Budget: $250,000

Produced by Wicked Pictures, this adult film centers around four female bounty hunters who are looking for bad guys. The film took home seven AVN awards, so you know it’s good.

Operation Desert Stormy

Budget: $250,000

If you’re looking for some humor amongst the sexual escapades, then this James Bond spoof is right up your alley. With Stormy Daniels, Eva Angelina, and Ron Jeremy, it has to be good, right?


Budget: $350,000

This high-definition production is referred to as the Titanic of the porn world because of its huge success. Mimicking the style of the X-Files, this 285-minute film took home a handful of awards.


Budget: $500,000

If you’re a porn enthusiast, then you’ve probably heard of Fashionistas. With a half a million dollar budget, the film boasts a true hollywood feel. They even made a live action spinoff of the movie for the stages of Vegas.


Budget: $1 Million

Essentially a spin-off of Pirates of the Caribbean, this film is probably the most popular one here. Starring Jesse Jane, this movie is done so well that the only way you could tell that it’s a porno is the graphic sex scenes.


Budget: $1.2 Million

Shot on 35-mm film, you wouldn’t guess that this had such a high budget. But, the film was so successful that both HBO and USA aired an edited down version of the film.

Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge

Budget: $8 Million

Following the success of the first Pirates, Pirates II spared no expense. This sequel was essentially the same as the first movie, just with more extravagant effects.


Budget: $17.5 Million

Boasting a cast of actual hollywood actors, this film was far more than just a porno. Following the escapades of a perverted emperor, this film doesn’t disappoint, unless you’re asking Roger Ebert of course.

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oldchrome 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#10 Caligula was the most deviant, deadly emperor Rome ever produced. His movie was about the same for the time in which it arrived, lol.