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Easy-Peasy Life Hacks That Will Save You Time and Frustration (18 pics + 2 gifs)

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At website login pages, you can view masked passwords by changing the password input type as text.
Test battery easily by dropping it few inches from the ground.
You think that adblock can't be used in incognito mode? Guess again.
Use wall hooks to attach iPad to the wall.
Watch age restricted YouTube videos without signing in by adding “nsfw” before “youtube.com”.


Laptop charger keep falling out? Use Velcro.
Super glue a dot on your phone charger so at night you don’t fumble around like a fool.
Your laptop is overheating? Place 2 forks underneath.
Use different color for your earphone tips to differentiate left and right side easily.
Want to edit an online image in Paint? Paste the image URL directly into Paint to open it.
Most online stores will send you coupons codes to encourage sales if begin the checkout process but don’t complete it the same day.
Bypass expensive airport Wi-Fi by adding “?.jpg” at the end of any URL.
In-flight entertainment system.
When purchasing items online esp. airline and train tickets, use incognito mode on your browser, because the prices might go up for you if a system knows you've already searched for them.
If you want to turn off your phone to avoid calls better remove the battery instead. Switching off phone will notify mobile switching center (MSC) and callers will receive the switched off notification.
Set “@@” as the keyboard shortcut for your email address. Now you don ’t have to type your email again and again.
Lost your Android phone? Ring, erase, or lock your smartphone remotely using Android Device Manager. Ringing works even if your phone is in silent mode.
You can also Google “find my phone” to locate your Android.
Forgot where you park your car? Don’t worry, Google Now remembers.
Make your call anonymous by dialing “*67” (North America) before the number. Here’s the full list of other countries.

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