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Cool Products That We Really Wish They Would Start Selling Already (26 pics)

Posted in Lifestyle » Gadgets   6 Nov 2015   / 9105 views

An extension cable that tapes down so no one will trip.

A coffee cup that grabs your drips.

A hole punch where you can see the damn hole!

Bendable and edible cups made from gelatin.

Electromagnetic dumbbells that adjust to weight.

Shoes for the homeless that have a shelter built in.

A hamper that is also a washing machine and dryer.

A stapler that stamps the date onto documents.

A towel rack that dries and disinfects your towels with UV light.

An electrolysis tool that sterilizes your fresh fruit.

A actual solution to not being able to reach something.

An extendable power strip.

A toy box that “eats” toys.

An app that acts as a dead-man’s-switch for when you feel like you are being threatened. It calls the police if you let go.

A “page” chair that can adjust to your preference.

A highlighter that will fade over time. No more permanent book damage.
A magnetic sofa that feels like you are floating on a cloud.
A coffee maker with profiles so you can have it the way you want it.
A robot shower that rinses you from every angle.
A printer that burns instead of using ink.
A chalkboard vacuum that creates fresh chalk sticks.
Bathstones that keep the water warm.
Robot vacuum balls. No more roomba.

A foam chair that pops back into shape.

A doggie toothbrush that doubles as a toy.

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oddbal 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
#21 is a thermal printer. It is old technology and has one major flaw. If the paper is exposed to heat it fades or turns black.