Gross Things about Fast Food that Big Corporations Don’t Want You to Know (14 pics)

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The nice-looking grill marks on the burgers are often factory-made, meaning that they were added before they even arrived at the restaurant. The burgers were heated, but not necessarily grilled.
French fries can sit in the fryer for a very long time. You might think that they re fresh while they were kept in the heating bin for almost a week. But there is an easy way to get fresh fries - order them without salt. They'll have to prepare an entirely new batch this way.
Fast food chili meat is made out of the leftover burger meat. When it's unsuitable to be put into a bun, it's cut up and then mixed into chili.
If you're on a diet and think that buying a salad at a fast food restaurant is a good idea, think again. The fast food salads can have more calories than a burger.
What you see is a clean dispenser. What you don't see, is the mold inside of it, that doesn't get cleaned. You can determine if the dispensers are dirty my peering into the ice chute. If it's covered in mold, better not drink the soda. But if it's clean the drinks should be clean as well.
The scrambled eggs in fast food restaurants aren't actual scrambled eggs in many cases. For convenience they are being prepared out of powder mixed with water and then heated up.
Salads are prepared to be kept for days. Chances are the fresh salad you ordered isn't so fresh and was kept in the refrigerator for almost a week.
The ground beef at one of the fast food chains was discovered to actually only contain 36 percent meat.
The cheap burgers are cheap for a reason. Excessively fat, discolored parts, and possibly cysts can be ground together to form a burger patty for the inexpensive burger brand. You won't be able to tell after it's been grilled, because it changes color.
Kids meals are often pumped with extra sugar so that the taste is more appealing to children.
A study discovered that the average fast food consumer ingests around 12 pubic hairs a year.
The fast food cheese is not 100% cheese, in fact it's less than half that. Around 49% of this "cheese" consists of additives, chemicals and flavoring.
Silicon dioxide (aka sand) is used as an anti-caking agent in multiple fast-food items like buffalo wings and chili. The sand helps it to be able to stay in a heater for days.
About 50% of fast food drink dispensers have fecal bacteria on them.


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