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A Few Smart Tips That All Men Should Keep in Mind (20 pics)

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Girls are not always right, but make sure when you are sticking up for yourself to not be a dick about it.

Never put Rogaine on your face to help grow your beard. It will only end in awful acne.

Steak needs to rest for a few minutes after it comes off the heat for maximum flavor.

When shaving your adam’s apple, swallow as you are going over it to make it flatter, reducing the likeliness of cutting yourself.

A sane 6 is better than a crazy 9.

The day before a job interview, drive the route the day before in order to anticipate how early you need to leave.

Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

Keep your beard trimmed and groomed. A scraggly beard is not an attractive beard.

Never use hair removal cream on your balls. EVER.

When women vent, they do not want you to solve their problems. Just listening is all that they want.

Never engage in sexual activities after eating spicy food. EVER.

You can uses a rubber band to get a stripped screw out of the wall by putting the rubber band in-between the screwdriver and the screw.

Boxer Briefs are greater than just boxers or just briefs.

Shower beers are the best beers.

Always keep a jacket in your car to offer to your date if needed.

Just because everyone around you may be getting married, doesn’t mean that you have to.

Don’t be afraid to talk to women. They are not an alien race.

Complimenting a woman’s shoes can do wonders.

Never go to the grocery store hungry or high.

Confidence is the fucking key. It’s also the key to fucking everything.

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