A Round Up of the Most Awesome Toys Made Every Year Since 1980 (34 pics + 1 gif)

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1980: Rubik's Cube
The Rubik's cube saw 350 million in worldwide sales.
1981: Lego Train Set
The first Lego train set didn’t contain road wheels or a track- features that were added the following year.
1982: BMX Bike
The Schwinn Sting-Ray bicycle was the #1 bike of choice at this time.
1983: Cabbage Patch Kids
Originally named 'Little People, sales of CPK numbered 115 million worldwide.
1984: Transformers Figures
Transformers were originally created by Japanese company Takara before Hasbro bought them in 1984.
1985: Care Bears
The Care Bears were originally featured on greeting cards before becoming book characters, TV characters, and finally stuffed animals.
1986: Lazer Tag
Teaser adverts were what hyped Lazer Tag up, despite being pretty pricey upon introduction.
1987: Koosh Ball
The Koosh Ball was created by Scott Stillinger for his young children because it was easier to hold and throw than other balls.
1988: Ghostbuster Toys
The 'Fright Features' series was so desirable because of the way the character's tongues and eyes bulged when squeezed.
1989: Game Boy
Several other versions were released upon the Game Boy's initial drop in Japan, which saw 300,000 units sold.
1990: TMNT Toys
The very first action figures were based on the original comic books, which featured far darker and more adult themes than the later cartoons.
1991: Sega Game Gear
Sega tried to sell the Game Gear as a cooler Game Boy, but was eventually ultimately beat out by the latter due to it’s shorter battery life and lack of original titles.
1992: WWF Action Figures
The Hasbro toys initially came under fire for making the characters look too ‘cartoony’, but are now valuable collectible items.
1993: Talkboy
The Talkboy was a result of a letter-writing campaign by fans of the Home Alone 2 movie who HAD to have the cassette recorder Macaulay Culkin used in the film.
1994: Power Rangers
A Power Rangers black market developed to sell individual action figures to parents when the series became so popular that stores couldn’t keep the toys in stock.
1995: Pogs
Pogs likely originated in Hawaii in the 1920’s, where kids played games using bottle caps from the popular local POG juice drink.
1996: Tickle Me Elmo
The Tickle Me Elmo was so desirable that two people were arrested in a Chicago Wal-Mart for fighting over the toy.
1997: Tamagotchi
Since the “pets” generally died within half a day, the toys were banned in schools after kids started bringing them in to care for them.
1998: Furby
1.8 million Furbies were sold in 1998, a number that jumped to a whopping 14 million the next year.
1999: Pokemon Nintendo
The RPG games were always released in pairs, the first being the Red and Green pair.
2000: Razor Scooter
Because the Razor Scooter was loved by children and adults, it quickly became a new sport.
2001: Bratz Dolls
Bratz were popular because they were so drastically different (while also being strangely similar to) Barbie dolls.
2002: Beyblades
Beyblades were originally manufactured in Japan and based off a manga series of comics.
2003: Robosapien
Robosapiens were technically the first robots to be mass produced and sold, despite technically being toys.
2004: Nintendo DS
The DS quickly became the Game Boy’s successor due to its dual screen, wireless network, and compatibility with older games.
2005: Roboraptor
The Roboraptor’s movements were based on realistic biometrics.
2006: Fly Pentop Computer
Leap Frog manufactured The Fly to help children with schoolwork and discontinued it in 2009 when sales flopped.
2007: Smart Cycle Physical
The console and exercise bike helped educate kids while simultaneously teaching them healthy habits.
2008: Dance Mat
The arcade inspired dance machine featured High School Musical characters and allowed for haircut and outfit customization.
2009: Bakugan Battle
This strategy game was based off a Japanese anime series and was followed by a Nintendo DS game which was met with equal success.
2010: Kidizoom Videocam
The camera featured build in editing software and the ability to add animations.
2011: Electronic Test Tube
When water was added to these test tubes, little baby aliens were revealed with an LED ‘beating heart’ and had to be kept alive by alternating exposure to sunlight and darkness.
2012: Nerf Gun
Nerf Guns were originally developed in 1969, with over four million Nerf balls being sold that year.
2013: Furby...again
The newest generation of Furbies featured digital integration via companion app and the ability to learn their owner’s language.
2014: Kidizoom Smartwatch
Of course somebody thought to develop a smartwatch for kids. The Kidizoom contains a motion sensor and camera, as well as a variety of apps and games for kids to play.


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