A Few Roommates from Hell (30 pics)

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This guy who now has to get a new pillow.

This person who can't take a shower due to Teen Wolf clogging the drain.

This person who had to wake up to this nightmare.

This creative person who really just wants you to wash your goddamn dirty dishes.

This guy who is going to wake up to a wet surprise because his roommates were "bored".

This girl who is just really over her roommate's boyfriend.

This guy who shamed his roommate for being a drunk ass.

This person who has absolutely no chill.

This girl who doesn't want to talk until payments are made.

This person who would rather risk brain damage than change the roll of toilet paper.

This guy who now understands you can't just use any soap in the dishwasher and will be shamed by all his roommates.

This person who was looking forward to their pack of cookies all day.

This guy who just wanted to take a nice nap.

This person who has to deal with the pranksters that live in the same home.

This poor soul that has to live with the smelliest guy in town.

And this person who's going to have to deal with this before they can take a shower.

This guy who's over his roommate not respecting his sex-life... or lack thereof.

This person who isn't fucking around.

This person who just wanted some delicious ice cream.

This guy who walked into his roommate's room to find cups of piss everywhere.

And this person who really really loves their Red Bull.

This person who found all the errors in their roommate's condescending note.

This girl who's tired of having to take care of this mess of a person.

This person who never wants to see Danny again.

This guy who's tired of finding objects where they don't belong.

This guy who's tired of finding these notes around the kitchen.

And this guy who will murder you over his chicken wings.

These roommates who regret asking that third guy to join them.

This person who won't let anyone bathe until the dishes are clean.

And this person who really needs the old food to be thrown away.

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