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If You Ask Nicely Hotels Will Actually Give You a Lot of Things for Free (16 pics)

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When you check into a hotel you probably aren’t aware that there are some items that they will give you for free if you ask them directly. Here is an inside scoop on things you should request on your next stay.


Representatives from Hilton Worldwide and Starwood Hotels and Resorts dished to Business Insider about what you should grab on your next vacay.

Phone chargers and adapters

Oftentimes the front desk will lend out their extra cords if you made a rookie mistake and forgot yours at home.

Extension cords

If you’re traveling with a lot of electronics, don’t bother packing one yourself. Ask for one during check-in, and some hotels will have them on hand.

Better pillows

If you’re like me and can’t stand it when your pillow gets flat, see if the hotel has a ‘pillow menu.’ It sounds silly, but a lot of of places are trying it out by allowing guests to pick their preferred headrest based on levels of firmness, shapes and suitability.

Hair tools

For women who forgot their straightener or curling iron, a lot of hotels have them stocked away.

Car rentals

A lot of hotels have partnerships with car companies that allow guests to rent nice cars free of charge.

Yoga mats

Feelin’ stretchy? You can rent a mat for your room at several hotels.

Sewing kits

if your favorite sweater rips right before you’re about to leave, just ask the hotel if they have an emergency kit to save the day. They most often do.


Certain hotels offer complimentary Kindle readers that can be used for free as long as you’re in the hotel.

Toothpaste and mouthwash

Basic toiletries can almost always be requested from hotels. You can also ask for shaving cream and floss.

Resealable plastic travel bags

If you need to pack up your toiletries before your flight, the hotel probably has you covered.


Feeling like your room’s a little haunted? Certain hotel chains will light up the dark for you if you ask.

Kid’s entertainment

Don’t bother packing up all of your kid’s toys for the trip; a lot of chains offer amenities like crayons, scavenger hunts and bath toys.

Board games

If your kid still isn’t entertained, or you want to have a relaxing game night, a majority of hotels also carry the classics and are available upon request.

Workout gear

Westin Hotels partnered with New Balance to offer shoes and clothing for a measly $5 that you can borrow for your entire stay.

GoPro rentals

Marriott started a new guest experience that allows you to rent a GoPro HERO4 in 17 of their hotels. You can take the cameras on your adventures and share the photos with the hotel.

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