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These Are The Best Non-Sexual Feelings In The Entire World (26 pics)

Posted in Random » Interesting   4 Dec 2015   / 7876 views

Women: Taking off your bra for the rest of the night.

Men: Watching your woman take off her bra for the rest of the night.

Laughing uncontrollably with someone else.

Having your alarm go off but then realizing that you have the day off and can go back to sleep.

Getting into a bed with clean sheets after a shower.

Being in love with someone who loves you back.

Taking a really hot shower after a cold day.

Taking the first bite of something you’ve been craving hardcore.

The first time using a fresh jar of peanut butter.

Turning the pillow over to the cold side.

Drinking a beer, in the shade at a sunny lake and a great view.

When the water that was stuck in your ear finally drips out.

The satisfaction you get after a good sneeze.

A really good, professional massage.

Finally cracking your back after not being able to.

Seeing your food coming in a restaurant.

Checking your bank account and having more money than you thought.

Closing all of your internet tabs after finishing a project.

Scratching your calves after a long day of wearing socks.

Taking off your ski boots after a long day on the mountain.

A good post-workout high.

That first kiss.

Waking up the first day you aren’t sick anymore.

Cleaning your ears with a q tip.

Playing with a puppy.

That nostalgic feeling.

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Cancamuso 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Taking a dump >>>>> the rest nonsexual feelings

May the dark side be with you… also.