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A Few Cool and Interesting Facts to Excite Your Brain (32 pics)

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During the OJ Simpson verdict broadcast “Long-distance telephone call volume declined by 58% and trading volume on the New York Stock Exchange by 41%, water usage decreased as people avoided using bathrooms … the verdict cost an estimated $480 million in lost productivity.”

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Il was claimed to complete a 72 par course in 34 strokes, managing a world record five holes-in-one, making him the best golfer in the history of the world. It was also apparently the first time he has ever golfed.

In the 1930’s, amidst wide spread poverty, flour mills realised that some woman were using sacks to make clothes for their children. In response, the flour mills started using fabric with flowers printed on for their sacks. 

Don King killed two men. One he stomped to death because he owed him money, he served less than 4 years in prison.

In Japan, you can hire handsome men to show up at your office and watch sad videos with you until you cry, then wipe your tears for you

“Crying together is the latest experience available for purchase in Japan once reserved only for people with at least some prior acquaintance with one another: sex, obviously, but also cuddling, watching television, or cleaning up your apartment after you die alone in it.”

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#9 BS... if that really happened we would fall out of space.