The Ancient Real Life Doll That Was Used as Inspiration for “Chucky” (7 pics + 1 gif)

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You probably didn’t know that Chucky from "Child's Play" was based on a real doll but this is the story behind TV’s most terrifying toy.


His name is Robert, and he is a 111 year old doll that inspired the Child's Play movies. The possessed doll come to life, Chucky, was based on the tale of Robert, who is believed to have a life of its own, being possessed by evil spirits and haunting its owners. He has been known to cause car accidents, divorces, and plenty of strange misfortunes to anyone who comes near him.
The toy doll was given to Gene as a present by his nanny, who made it out of wire cloth and straw and even used Gene’s own hair for the hair of the doll. The nanny originated from the Bahamas was deep into Black Magic and Voodoo and put a spell on Robert as revenge to the Otto family, after being treated badly then fired from her position.
As Gene’s relationship with the doll grew, he began treating it as a human. Servants at the Otto house said they could hear two voices talking when they passed by his room at night. As time went on, strange things began to happen throughout the house. Dishes were smashed, doors mysteriously locked, books flying off of shelves, and perhaps most disturbingly, Gene’s other toys were turning up around the house completely torn apart. Gene was often disciplined harshly for the bad behavior, but the kid would always insist that “Robert did it!”.
In Paris, Gene met and married Anne, and soon the two moved back into the artist’s House in Key West. Upon moving into his childhood home, Anne was introduced to Robert and that is when things started to change for the two. Gene grew very erratic and his behavior changed. He became obsessed with his childhood doll. The couple often argued, and some said that Gene soon became abusive towards his wife Anne. Gene would always blame Robert for his abusive behavior.
Neighbors and children soon began rumors that they could see Robert moving around in the upper room through the window at night. Gene insisted that the doll was in the attic, so he went up to investigate but he was surprised when he found the doll sitting and rocking back and forth in a rocking chair at the window. He placed the doll back in its box but every few days the doll ended up in the rocker. Soon, neighbors stayed away from the house and the story spread of the "haunted doll" in the attic.
Robert started to wreak havoc on the new residents. The Artist’s House was sold to Myrtle Reuter. She then became the owner of the doll which later brought terror and misfortune to her family. Her son and brother were both killed in a freak car accident, and a guest of the home mysteriously disappeared, among other things.
He sits inside a glass encasement, clutching a small stuffed Lion, still wearing his white sailor suit. However, staff and visitors of the Museum claim that Robert continues to be frightening and mischievous, and at times will turn his head and even change his expressions. At one time it was said that Robert was seen wandering the halls of the museum at night, even though the case he resides in is locked shut.
Just like the Chucky doll in Child's Play, if one does not do as asked, he will suffer the consequences deeply. The only way to make the bad fortune cease and end the terror is to write Robert a letter and ask for forgiveness. Some of those letters written to Robert are at the museum near the exhibit. To this very day, the ominous essence was left with the doll and continues to create bad fortune on people.





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