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Teenage Girl Nearly Dies in an Attempt to Be Popular (20 pics)

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19 year old Ellen Lietzow is a former anorexia sufferer who came close to death when she refused to eat or drink anything as a result of wanting to be more popular with the kids at school.

Ellen, then 17, refused to let even a drop of water touch her lips at the height of her struggle with anorexia, when her weight plummeted to under five and a half stone.

In just a few months Elle lost almost seven stone (40 kilos).

Elle was so thin she weighed just 35 kilos.

After a week of fasting she collapsed with a seizure and was rushed to hospital.

She was in such poor condition doctors and nurses were astonished she was still alive.

She said: "I wanted to stay skinny just to be accepted by everyone. I had gained so many friends when I lost weight accidentally during my swimming and everyone would compliment me.

I thought, if I quit swimming I am going to have to keep that low weight so that people would still want to be my friends, because if I gain weight no one would want to be my friend anymore."

Elle said: "My life has changed since my recovery. I'm now social, I go out with friends and I don't isolate myself.

Today, Elle is happy and healthy.

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