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Photoshopped Images That You Probably Wouldn’t Even Guess are Fake (14 pics)

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Einstein, you 'old smooth blues playing son of a gun!

Actually someone just Photoshoped Einstein’s head onto blues legend T-Model Ford’s body.

Someone had too much time on their hands when they Photoshopped a flooded William Bryce Stadium (South Carolina).

This campaign concept (by a failed mayoral candidate) in Paris, would have turned abandoned stations and tunnels into swimming pools. Not a real image, just a well done photoshop.

This rock formation in China appears to have an ancient carving in the center, but it’s actually an art project created by Twitter user @Archistophanes.

People often claim this is a total eclipse of our sun from the International Space Station, when actually it is another rendering by a skillful artist.

This photo was wrongly circulated as “Time Magazine’s definition of a perfect body 1955″. It’s actually a photo of Aria Giovanni, who was born in 1977.

This picture on the difference between organic and genetically modified eggs, was only the product of a satirical group called Big Organic.

DeviantArt is behind this obviously Photoshoped, but hilarious image of a pilot taking a selfie from outside his plane.

This is a doctored image from photographer Thierry Cohen, which shows what LA might look like if all the lights went out.

Not even Steven Seagal would be silly enough to pull the bunny ears out on Vlad, but don’t you wish he had?

You were ready to burn the house down, weren't you? Well don’t be too hasty, this is just an enlarged wolf spider

If our dreams were reality, this is what a train station could look like, but sadly this is a Photoshop job of a train station in Denmark.

This hilarious store review was the result of prankster Jeff Wysaski, who makes fake signs and posts them online.

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