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Anorexic Girl Completely Transforms Her Life with Bodybuilding (9 pics)

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Meet Sarah Ramadan

At one point in her life, her weight dropped so low that her legs could no longer support her skeletal stature. She developed an irregular heartbeat, her organs were failing to function, and she couldn’t move without her vision going black.

She was dying, and was too numb to even care.

She was diagnosed with anorexia nervosa, and was immediately rushed to the hospital for medical interventions. She spent a total of 7 months hospitalized in intensive treatment facilities. After every discharge from the hospital, a relapse would follow.

In January of 2014, Her weight plummeted to the lowest it has ever been, and was immediately removed from university for medical interventions. She could no longer walk without the aid of her mother’s arm, as her limbs were too weak to support themselves. Her hair fell out in clumps and she bruised in bed as there was no flesh to cushion her body. All this, and the eating disorder wouldn’t rest. As long as breath filled her lungs, there was always more to lose.

Her brother was a bodybuilder, and his devotion to health and fitness was the key to her recovery.

Through diligent and undeterred efforts, she slowly started gaining weight. They established a meal plan together, and he monitored her progress every week.

Sarah gained weight, but most importantly, she gained life.

She lives without fearing growth and she challenges you all to do the same.


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