Tragic Accidents That Really Happened on Movie Sets while Filming

25 Dec 2015

1. Twilight Zone: The Movie. Director John Landis was pretty irresponsible when he allowed a real helicopter to fly perilously close to his actors during filming of The Twilight Zone. The helicopter lost control and the rotor blades decapitated actor Vic Morrows along with a 7-year-old Vietnamese child, while another child was crushed by the same helicopter.

2. The Crow. Brandon Lee was shot during the filming of The Crow, when the crew failed to properly remove the primer from dummy cartridges they converted from real live rounds.

3. The Conqueror. Following filming, 91 members of the cast and crew developed cancer. This might have been due to the location of the set, which was on a former nuclear test site.

4. XXX. Stunt double Harry L O’Conner was filming a particularly difficult scene, which required him to rappel down a line onto a submarine. Tragically while filming this scene, he hit a bridge and died instantly. Amazingly the scene was kept in the movie, edited to remove the final tragic incident.

5. Top Gun. Art Scholl was a stunt pilot who lost control of his plane while filming a scene for Top Gun. His plane crashed into the Pacific Ocean and his body was never recovered.

6. Pearl Harbor. A stunt plane accidentally hit a palm tree and crashed during filming. The pilot survived and the scene was left in the movie.

7. The Edge. Anthony Hopkins accidentally fell into a river during filming and was immediately rushed to hospital with hypothermia.

8. Jumper. In a terrible accident, a set dresser was crushed to death underneath a wall of frozen earth and ice as he tried to tear the set down.

9. The Final Season. Roland Schlotzhauer was a cameraman on board a helicopter while filming a parade scene, the helicopter struck power lines and crashed. Schlotzhauer was the only one killed.

10. Fury. Stuntmen were preparing for a battle scene when one of them was stabbed in the shoulder with a bayonet.

11. Thor: The Dark World. It’s not often that one of the main cast is severely injured, but that’s exactly what happened when Jaimie Alexander slipped off a metal staircase while filming. The actress suffered a slipped disc in her thoracic spine, chipped 11 vertebrae, dislocated her shoulder and tore her rhomboid.

12. Now You See Me. Isla Fisher couldn’t unlock her shackles while filming the ‘water chamber scene’. She was stuck in the chamber for almost three minutes and almost drowned.

13. The Hobbit. It has been alleged that as many as 27 animals died during the making of The Hobbit trilogy.

14. The Expendables 2. One scene in the movie required a rubber boat to explode. Something went wrong in the process and one stuntman was killed, while another was left in a critical condition and required five hours of surgery.

15. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Daniel Radcliffe’s stunt double David Holmes fell while filming a stunt and severely injured his spine becoming paralyzed.

16. The Hangover Part II. Stuntman Scott McLean suffered permanent brain injuries while shooting a stunt which required him to put his head out of a moving vehicle. His head was clipped by an oncoming car and he ended up suing Warner Bros. for damages.

17. The Dark Knight. During the filming of a car stunt, cameraman Conway Wickliffe was killed when the car he was travelling in missed a 90-degree turn and crashed into a tree.



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