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A Few Cool and Interesting Facts to Excite Your Brain (47 pics)

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Some humans can be tetrachromats, which gives them the ability to see more colours than a normal human, like Concetta Antico, an Australian artist who can see 100 times more colors than a regular human.

Yoda was originally supposed to be portrayed by a monkey with a mask.

Sunsets on Mars are blue.

Hedy Lamarr, a 1930's actress who became famous because of the controversial movie Ecstasy in which she played naked, was an inventor. She developed a radio-guided torpedo system, and the ‘spread-spectrum’ technology it fostered would one day be used in mobile phones and wi-fi connections.

Before Champagne became popular, fizz in wine was considered a bad thing and benedictine monk Dom Perignon worked to eliminate it. Wines from Champagne had a tendency to fizz because early frosts often led to incomplete fermentation during the manufacturing process.

Southern sweet tea was originally used to show wealth, as tea, ice, and sugar were all very expensive at the time.

Dogs are banned from Antarctica since 1994. The only allowed canines are the native species and huskies bred in Antarctica.

Romanians celebrate New Years by dressing as a bear.

"Anna Kournikova" is a hand in Poker that "looks better than it plays".

There are more people who go on xvideos than netflix.

The US Navy diving manual has detailed instructions for escaping a giant clam.

France classifies books as an "essential good," along with electricity, bread, and water.

The word restaurant was first used to refer to an inexpensive soup sold by street vendors as an antidote to physical exhaustion.

In some places the fire department will send you a bill after responding to an emergency call.

Bubble wrap was originally designed to be a three-dimensional wall paper.

Despite millions of views thanks to "Rickrolling", Rick Astley has only made $12 from performance royalties from his video of "Never Gonna Give You Up."

Colin McGregor, brother of Star Wars actor Ewan McGregor, is a British RAF pilot and goes by the call-sign "Obi Two."

Russia didn't consider beer to be an alcoholic beverage until 2011. Before then it was classified as a soft drink.

From 2005-2010, Prague had a brothel where men paid a one-time $23 fee, and women and couples entered for free. The catch was that their exploits were filmed and streamed online to paying customers.

Carrots are only edible before they mature.

Taste test reveals drinkers can’t tell good from cheap vodka.

Pacman was created to attract female gamers because... "women like to eat."

Villagers in the India village of Marottichal began playing chess as an alternative to drinking after a ban on alcohol. The village is now known as 'Chess Village' due to its near 100% chess literacy.

Rice does not need to grow in water, but since it can survive it, is done so to control weeds and other pests- creating higher yields.

The producer of Nutella, the Ferrero Group, allegedly purchases 25% of the planet's supply of hazelnuts.

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