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Lottery Winners Who Spent Their Winnings on Some Really Bizarre Things (10 pics)

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Robert Erb won $25 million in 2012 Legalizing Weed and spent a lot of that money on charitable causes and... $1 million to support organizations for marijuana legalization.

Evelyn Adams managed to win the lottery twice in the space of two years, netting almost $6 million in the process. She lost it all in Atlantic City casinos. She now lives in a trailer.

Michael Carroll from the UK began to spend his $15.8 million winnings incredibly quickly. He was rumored to have spent around $3,000 on cocaine every day, he also bought several luxury cars and crashed them on a homemade racetrack. This eventually led to Carroll having to sell his mansion after losing almost all of his wealth.

The winner of a Powerball prize of $590 million, Gloria Mackenzie gave $2 million to... her old high school.

Vivian Nicholson won the lottery in the UK in 1961. She spent most of that fortune on expensive designer clothing. She declared bankrupcy four years later.

Jonathan Vargas spent his $35 million lottery winnings on a brand new house for his mom and... his own wrestling television show. It was called Wrestlicious, and featured scantily clad women fighting in a specially built pink ring. Strangely, it didn't become a success.

South Korean immigrant Janite Lee won $18 million in a lottery. She gave out the vast majority of it to a number of causes such as education programs, charities and political organizations. After giving away millions of dollars, she eventually went bankrupt.

Suzanne Mullins won a large amount of money from the U.S. lotto,but it was paid out in annual payments. She decided to get a huge loan she would slowly pay off, but she struggled to do so and the debt grew until it was worth more than her actual lottery winnings.

John Kutey won a share of the $319 million prize offered in the Mega Million lottery in 2011 along with six other people. His share was $28.7 million. He and his wife decided to spend $250,000 on demolishing a local pool and installing a huge spray park along with donating $200,000 to help build a water park in New York.

Gerald Muswagon won $10 million on the Super 7 jackpot lottery in 1998. He spent his whole fortune on organizing parties and lost his winnings very fast.

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