The Most Useless Unusual Gadgets You Will Actually Die to Own (30 pics)

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A vest with a built in game controller so you can simultaneously play games and give someone a massage.

A weighing scale that gives you an approximate weight amount by telling you which animal you weigh the same as.

A USB in the best disguise ever.

Lady Gaga teabags.

The Tempescope is a weather prediction device that shows you what's happening outside by recreating it in a tiny box.

Never have to carry around a keyboard again.

Now you can take your goldfish everywhere with you!

The happy men who are happy to help you plug your wine bottles.

A sketchbook made out of napkins.

Funny big feet slippers.

An alarm clock that wakes you up with the sound of a fart.

A headband that gives your head massages.

Origami shoes by Masaya Hashimoto.

A scooter ice cooler?


Use this sculpting kit to create your perfect boyfriend.

A cozy private laptop viewer so that nobody can see what you're really looking at.

A hygiene breathalyzer that'll let you know if you need a mint or to brush your teeth.

A miniature retro chair you can attach to trees for squirrels to lounge on.

A toilet paper/iPod holder so you can listen to some tunes while doing the #1 or #2.

A smart belt that lets you know when you're gaining weight and it's time to either slow down on your meals or visit the gym.

What you need? A pen, post-it, paperclip, tape - I got it all.

A battery operated toy that let's you pop bubble wrap endlessly.

Because why scrape ice with a plain scraper when you can use a yeti hand?

A sneaker with a built in CD stereo so you can have jams coming out of your steps.

A plastic gun that allows you to shoot unwanted bugs with salt.

A bacon dancer for your dashboard.

This is actually quite brilliant. The perfect addition to a relaxing day at the pool.

These would be a little cooler if they were what they looked like - skates. But instead, they're for walking, meaning you have to take actual steps with these contraptions on.

A hands-free speaker meant to be connected to a landline or mobile phone that shows animated lips that move in sync with whoever is on the other end of the line.

What's more badass than a unicycle? A uni-motorbike.

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