A Weird and Creepy Underground Facility That You Definitely Don’t Want to Get Stuck in (61 pics)

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I found the entrance in the countryside without any difficulty or anything, amazing. I took pictures, I have done nothing wrong I just entered through a hatch, the doors were open. I like to snoop everywhere, for example, i already climbed a bell tower previously. That said, some of you may know me, I love to speak about adventure and exploration. This is just the example of my life, prove that we should open our eyes, leave the screens to roam and live real adventures...

That's the hatch, it looks like it's opened from the inside . The place where it is completely improbable, alongside technical buildings in a sort of dry tank in the ground, it also seems jointed and sealed. I wonder if it is not usually under water or something like that, maybe to conceal it .

I took a piece of cardboard to write my username and to prove you that it's not a fake.

I come down, the shape of the room matches the circular tank of the surface, this round room is very strange.

In front there is a door (I checked it's closed, I don't know where it leads), an old phone (no tone), the switches do not work it looks like there's no electricity. And a staircase, that's when I got back to write my nickname before continuing. I might also add that my footsteps echo heavily on the metal floor, announcing the emptiness underneath? It was impressive.

I always wanted one day to explore an old mine or underground... I was in a dream. My footsteps on the stairs descending reasoned throughout the metal cage like an old metal ghost ship in the movies, it was exhilarating.

I descend the stairs: Fortunately I always have my flashlight with me (I have two actually, in case I loose one; bad experience).

I was not sure how many meters below the surface it is made, 20 meters? 30 meters? I see the bottom, there's a large hatch on the floor.

I am downstairs, my legs are tired after all these steps.

I admit that it looks like something like a missile launch facility.

Another phone. There's way of dating the place with this kind of phones?

The hatch on the ground is closed, there are no doors. But... It continues to go down.

The hatch above falls from there in a kind of concrete formwork that takes place in the middle of the silo.

There is a door, I think it's an elevator or a freight elevator to go down ... again?

Then the excitement began to make a little room for anguish, 50 meter underground, i will have to go back a huge staircase sprinting for 10 minutes, i didn't want to make bad encounter. I was completely into it with my footsteps echoing from the start, my vision was limited to what I saw in my lamp beam, nothing else existed. Another door is closed, but it continues to go down,again and again ... and there I could not even see the bottom.

There I arm myself, I heard people talking, maybe it's just my imagination. I paused at this time to drink, rest and think about whether I would continue to go down. Above or below me : the darkness. I could not tell if I was 50 meters or 100 meters deep, I went down for about 30 minutes already.

Let's go... It was long guys, very long, I think I still come down as much as before, 20 minutes after, I began to see water seep through the walls.

Yet I ran several consecutive steps ... I was almost asking me if I was dreaming or not, 45 min after I finally came down, and this time I was at the bottom.

For a few minutes I remained silent because I really heard voices. After I realized that it was all the stairwell that vibrated making noise spread to the vast empty space, perhaps the wind coming through the hatch above? I hoped in any case that it was not people following me.

They are seen on some pictures, there are plenty of wooden boxes with cores of soil stored. No idea what this is doing here.

There is a door! And something I did not expect that so far they were all closed...

...this one is open.

I enter a room without precise shape with a lot of corners, machines on each side (4 kinds of big ventilators like that).

A control panel, 2 corridors... Nothing works, everything is dark, I heard a muffled sound far away or maybe behind the walls but no electricity, all lights on the control panel are off.

It's very old... I see a red light behind a wall and I find a control box, more modern this time. I think we found the explanation for the blackout, no electricity, no telephone tone.

A big plastic bin filled with this stuff.

And a kind of measuring station level of the water, with a float.

Otherwise there's a bad smell, as if I sniffed pieces of copper. And overall I lack air, there is no operational ventilation.

A lot of corridors... The first led to a kind of dead end, a room barely dug into the rock. The second continues further, and then I was not prepared at all for the rest.

It's hot, the lack of air make it harder to walk.

Another measuring station.

The more it goes the more it becomes damp, unhealthy ... and hot! You can see water beading on the ceiling, this i the water that condenses and falls, it must be 30 degrees, it's always stuffy and this acidic odor attacks my nose, I think i will stop and go back to the surface. Slabs were placed on the ground to avoid getting bogged down in a kind of rust mud, brackish, indescribable thing, I had never seen it.

Seeing a staircase that leads probably has a drier high place, I'm still going.

IT'S FUCKING HOT HERE! And the smell is unbearable, I put my scarf to my nose, if the temperature or the air continues to deteriorate like that, it sucks for me but I can't stop, this place is so epic!

WTF is that!?!

I feel like I'm suffering a nasal washing with alcohol (bad experience with this too) , not messing, starting to be afraid for my health.

Another checkpoint. Poorly focused picture, sorry.

The smell of the metal is in my mouth now, I feel like i'm sucking french cents. Last photo series, I risked my life for this, I continued in the corridor where it's 50 degrees, I typed a sprint round trip I had to continue for 100 meters, took these photos and I turned back.

A kind of mushroom hung on all the walls, and also smelly liquid on the ground.

I can't breathe, there is no more air here.

OK I'M OUT OF HERE. (The sign says "high voltage", "danger of death")

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