Historic Color Photographs Taken Post WWI (31 pics)

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16th June, 1917, France – Senegalese soldiers serving as infantrymen in the French Army are resting in a room surrounded by weapons in Saint-Ulrich:

26th June, 1917 – A French soldier is on the lookout in Eglingen, France

6th September, 1917 – French soldiers purchase newspapers in Rexpoede

A young girl plays with her doll whilst sitting next to two guns and a military knapsack on a street in Reims, northern France:

7th June, 1917 – Soldiers stand on the ridge of a 45m deep crater that was created by mines placed by British forces underneath German positions. Around 10,000 soldiers died in the blast near Messiness in West Flanders:

1st April, 1917 – a French soldier enjoys his lunch outside of an abandoned library in Reims, in north-eastern France:

Meanwhile, other French soldiers pose outside of a liquor store in Reims:

This photograph shows military doctors and nurses standing outside of the Saint-Paul Hospital in Soissons, Aisne, in northern France:

A French officer checking the damage to the barbed wire fences in Soissons:

16th, June, 1917 – The trench, reinforced with wooden beams and sang bags, acts as an observation post for French officers near German territory at Hirtzbach, Department Haut-Rhin, Region Alsace:

This image shows a camp of workers from the British Chinese Labour Corps, recruited in order to participated in the campaign in the Middle East:

1917 – An Algerian guard, an Algerian Worker, and a Indochinese worker, all serving in Soissons, Aisne, France, all in 1917:

18th, June, 1917 – Two French soldiers wash their laundry in a trough of a fountain whilst guarding a telephone station in Largitzen, France:

Five French officers clear the rubble from ruins in Reims. 60% of the town was destroyed by Germain artillery and air raids:

Injured soldiers on the battlefields recover at Saint-Paul Hospital in Soissons, which was twice captured by the Germans during the war:

19th, June, 1917 – Four French guards and a group of Swiss guards defend the boarder between Switzerland and France in Pfetterhouse, Region Alsace:

4th, May, 1917 – A horse and cart is loaded with furniture and other goods in front of a leather shop as the residents prepared to to leave Reims during the Second Battle of the Aisne. The French were defeated in the battle:


16th, June, 1917 – A group of Senegalese soldiers serving in the French Army as infantryman have lunch in Saint-Ulrich, Region Alsace:

In another shot from the Battle of the Aisne, a French section of machine gunners take position in the ruins:

2nd, September, 1917 – French Firefighters, officers and civilians try to prevent the outbreak of fires after the bombings in Dunkirk:

16th, June, 1917 – On the frontline in Hirtzbach:

3rd, March, 1917 – A woman with a cart filled with milk cans and a man with another cart in Rue de Talleyrand, Reims, France:


1st, September, 1917 – Uniformed doctors and nurses stand in front of field hospital 55 in Bourbourg, northern France:

Two French soldiers from Africa cooking a meal on a makeshift fireplace made from bricks in Soissons, Aisne, France:

22nd, June, 1917 – Two Senegalese soldiers, both of the Bambara people, serving in the French Army pictured in Balschwiller, France:

5th, September, 1917 – French soldiers dressed in their blue military uniforms camouflage a 370 mm railway gun in Noyon, Region Oise:

French soldiers of the 370th Infantry Regiment enjoy their soup during the Battle of the Aisne in 1917:

19th, June, 1917 – Three Swiss border guards, left, stand opposite a French guard at the border between the two countries in Beurnevesin;

5th, September, 1917 – Eight French soldiers stand on top of a 370mm railway gun which they are in the process of camouflaging:

A military graveyard on a hillside in the town of Moosch in Alsace containing graves of the Chasseurs Alpins, the elite mountain infantry of the French Army:

Two ambulance vehicles in front of a building near the village of Boezinge, north of the city of Ypres, that was devastated by artillery fire:




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