Some Valuable Life Hacks from Nurses

28 Jan 2016


Badly tangled, sticky or matted hair can be dealt with by using rubbing alcohol. It helps to dissolve any substances and untangle knots. Holding the hair (so as to not tug the scalp), gently comb the rubbing alcohol through the hair.


When air fresheners fail to do the job, you can absorb unwanted odors with coffee grounds. After brewing a pot of coffee, dump the grounds in a bowl and place it in the center of the room; before you know it, the smell will dissipate. Coffee grounds are also effective in freshening old containers.


When dealing with a stuck or dried-on mess (think dried blood or paint) grab some personal lubricant gel. Coat the dried mess with the gel, then gently rub. The substance should loosen very easily, and you’ll be able to clean it without any difficulty.


Hydrogen peroxide can help remove stubborn stains, specifically blood, wine or grease. It’s also effective in cleaning up spills and preventing stains from setting in.


Trying out a salt-free diet but still craving salt? Reach for a lemon. It’s an all-natural, heart-healthy way to put some pizazz back in your food while sticking to your doctor’s guidelines.


Mentholated scents rubbed underneath your nose can make even the rankest of rooms smell bearable. If you have face masks around, take two and smear a layer of toothpaste or mentholated ointment between them; place the masks on your face to effectively filter the smell.


If you’re in a situation where someone is extremely anxious or upset, have them fold towels. The action will give them a sense of purpose, while distracting them and helping to calm their nerves.


If you suffer a small cut but you don’t have any bandages around, use superglue. Apply a small amount to your minor cut or scratch to help seal and protect the injury. (However, if your cut is deep or severe, always seek medical attention.)


If you spill something on your skin that’s extremely sticky, grab a can of shaving cream. The cream will work like a lotion, helping to loosen and remove the sticky substance. Use wipes to completely remove the residue and cream.


Next time you experience a nose bleed, try cutting a tampon in half and place it up your nose. To stop an open wound from bleeding, hold an open sanitary napkin against your injury to help staunch the flow.



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