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Some of the Oddest Facts about Sex Dolls (10 pics)

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The Nazis were thought to have a sex dolls

Adolf Hitler supposedly approved a project to distribute inflatable sex dolls to his soldiers, in order to avoid places of prostitution in Paris. After years of being considered a real project, the lack of evidence supporting its existence led to it being deemed a hoax in the early 2000s.

Barbie was based on a sex doll

In the 1950s in Germany the Bild Lilli doll (see Hitler pic) was released, a small doll based on an attractive German actress that was sold to adult men. Supposedly, this is how Barbie was inspired, gross I know.

Sex dolls are heavy

Synthetic sex dolls can weigh as much as 115 pounds (52kg) and start at around 75 pounds (34Kg).

The male RealDolls are not that popular

They only account for 10 percent of sales and there are fewer options in general (female RealDolls can be fully customized). Maybe that’s because they’re heavy or gross? Probably latter.

There’s a guy in America whose wife is a sex doll.

“Davecat” is not legally married to his sex doll, but he sees her as his wife. You may recognize him from TLC’s My Strange Addiction. He also owns two other dolls that he considers “companions.”

In Japan, they call sex dolls “Dutch wives.”

Some of the first sex dolls were invented by Dutch sailors for those lonely months. So they fashioned cloth puppets that the French referred to as “dame de voyage”(travel lady). Dutch sailors made them out of leather and then traded them to the Japanese, who still use the weird term today.

The inventor of the Fleshlight once tried to patent a sex doll

He submitted a patent way back in 1995 for a mannequin filled with an “oily elastomer.” If he’d developed the idea you might have had to get a bigger sock draw.

People who are really into RealDolls are called “iDollators.”

There’s an entire fandom around the dolls, with some men treating them as real companions. Most of these men say they became iDollators because they find women too difficult to deal with. Or maybe they can’t get any women to “deal” with them.

Howard Stern is responsible for the popularity of the modern sex doll

In the ’90s, he ordered a RealDoll for his show and apparently had sex with it on air. Orders for the doll skyrocketed, and the company now sells as many as 300 annually.

They are ridiculously expensive

A RealDoll starts at around $5,500 and goes up and who knows what the shipping is! Not to mention the embarrassment of getting that delivery.

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