The 33 Hottest Cars At The Geneva Motor Show (33 pics)

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Here are some pure gems from this year's annual international auto show.


Leading the high-profile reveals was Bugatti's $2.6 million Chiron hypercar. The 1,500-horsepower beast is the follow-up to the Veyron.

Ferrari introduced an updated version of its FF GT car, called the GTC4 Lusso.

Lamborghini unveiled an ultra-rare, special-edition supercar, the Centenario, to celebrate the 100th birthday of founder Ferruccio Lamborghini.

Apollo's 200 mph Arrow is the first product to rise from the ashes of the defunct German supercar maker Gumpert.

Boutique British supercar maker Arash presented two striking cars at the show. The 550-horsepower AF8 Cassini and ...

... the ridiculously powerful AF10, which Arash claims to produce a titanic 2080 horsepower.

Danish supercar maker Zenvo brought its ST1 to the show.

Not to be outdone, Pagani is in the game this year with an upgraded version of its Huayra hypercar, called the Huayra BC.

Supercar specialists McLaren introduced a pair of new models. The first is the 570GT, a softer, more grand-touring-oriented version of its 570S supercar.

On the other end of the spectrum, McLaren revealed the convertible spider variant of its 675LT track-destined supercar.

Just 500 675LT Spiders have been built, and they've all been sold. McLaren is also showing another car in Geneva that you can't buy — a completely customized P1 hybrid hypercar.

Aston Martin unveiled the long-awaited follow-up to the company's DB9, the DB11. There is an Aston Martin DB10, but that was used only as James Bond's movie car in the film "Spectre."

Jaguar intro'd the new F-Type SVR, a 575-horsepower, 200-mph version of its critically acclaimed F-Type sports car.

Lexus launched the LC 500h coupe. It's a hybrid version of the V8-powered LC500 coupe the company introduced in January.

Porsche showed its new four-cylinder, turbocharged 718 Boxster and 718 Boxster S models.

As well as the ultra-lightweight, 500-horsepower, 200-mph 911R.

Mercedes-Benz showed off a host of new models, including the C43 AMG Coupe and Convertible as well as ...

... the new E-Class sedan.

BMW's show presence features several special cars. The BMW M2 made its European debut.

In addition, the Munich-based automaker introduced a pair of 600-horsepower luxury limos: the BMW M760i and ...

... the Alpina B7.

Bentley unveiled three updated variants of its flagship Mulsanne sedan including the Mulsanne Speed and ...

... the Mulsanne EWB.

Maserati is jumping into the SUV business with its new Levante.

Audi lifted the cover off of its subcompact Q2 crossover.

Volkswagen shocked the crowed with a convertible crossover SUV called the T-Cross Breeze.

Volvo showed off its recently introduced V90 wagon.

Infiniti's stylish Q60 coupe made its European debut ...

... as did Mazda's seductive RX-Vision concept.

General Motors Chevy brand introduced its hard-charging Corvette Grand Sport.

In addition to the hot supercar action, Geneva featured an eclectic mix of electric cars. Starting off with the Falcon-winged Tesla Model X.

Italdesign brought its sleek GTZero electric shooting brake to show.

And to cap it all off, there's the electric Morgan three-wheeler!




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