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You Just Hate It When These Things Happen On A Flight (44 pics)

Posted in Random » Weird   21 Mar 2016   / 4741 views

These people should be banned from taking a plane.


A Pair Of These

Watching The Ring... These 3D Movies Are Getting Way Too Real

I Don't Want Your Stinky Feet Any More

Feet, We Had A Hell Of A Journey Across America

My Neighbor Is A Flight Attendant. He Just Posted This Photo

A True First-World Problem

This Kid

All Kinds Of Nope

Thanks For Blocking My Screen, Ma'am

So Apparently There's A Little Kid In Front Of Us On This Flight

Woke Up From Sleeping On A Plane To This

Smelly Shoes, Smelly Shoes. Did he pass out a mask for everyone?

Don't Mind Me, Just Hitching A Free Ride!

Random Guy Sleeping On My Mom

On My Dad's Flight This Morning

Swizz Socks, Swizz Cheese

A Pair Of Underwear. Just Lying There

Personal Space? No, Didn't Hear About It. Manspread Aaall The Way

Send Help, Row 62 Has Some Strange Creatures Creeping Up Our Arm Rests

This Is Why We Can't Bring Scissors On Board?

Hey, Sometimes Ya' Just Gotta Do Some Inflight Laundry

Couple Looking Comfortable

The Sense Of Entitlement Is Strong With This One!

Welcoming Seat

So Cool! This Plane Has A Sock Drying Holder!

He Just Welcomed Himself To My Middle Seat Tray Table. Even If It Is For Blazing Saddles. Hell no.

Something Seems A Bit Off Here

Intense Zit Squeezing Going On For Most Of The Flight

Galley Potty!

The Most Uncomfortable Flight Of My Life


So Much For Business Class. P.S. This Is Actually Not Staged

This Guy On The Plane Just Broke Up With His Girlfriend And She's Sobbing

And Then There's This Guy Playing His Super Annoying Video Game At Full Volume The Whole 6 Hour Flight

Rude Lady

A Downside Of Travelling With Family

And So It Begins.

I Present To You My Flight Seatmate, Cheese Puff Boy

Socks On Airplanes. Please wear them

Garlic "Aroma" Just Spreading Around From My Snoring Flight Friend

How You Doin'?


There's Never An Axe Around When You Truly Need One

Kindly Avoid All Personal Hygiene Practices On PUBLIC Transportation

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EilerW 2 year s ago MARK AS SPAM
Uummm..is nobody giving these people a polite request to cease and desist their actions??